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Remote Round Up Week 21

Here we are folks, more than halfway through January 2019 and I hope you’re getting into the rhythm of the new year and your remote job search is on fire! If not, don’t sweat– there’s lots of juicy news in the round up this week with a focus on interviews and COVER LETTERS! For the […]

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 18

UPDATE ALERT: this post has some fun updates AND new job news from me! Horray!   It has been 5 months since sharing the last Remote Round Up. That’s a month short of half a year. Time flies, friends. srsly. Let’s take a peek at what I’ve been up to these last months… and then we’ll […]

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Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 10

Hello, (future) Remoters! Once again I’m writing this week’s Remote Round Up from an airport as I’m on my way to Austin, Texas for a few days to catch up with coworkers. I’m sitting here at PDX drinking coffee, waiting to board my flight and I’m reminded that I’ve been with my remote job for […]

Remote Round Up 8

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 8

Dudes. Remote Round Up week 8 is here and I’m sharing a TON of info and resources to help you land a remote job– which, let’s be honest, equals FREEDOM. I’m familiar with this freedom because I’ve just returned from two weeks traveling in Costa Rica. Week one was spent exploring the southern Pacific coastline (I took […]

Remote Round Up Week 5

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 5

Week 5 of Remote Round Up is finally here! Get your fix of Tools, Tech and Remote Jobs to help you find that remote gig that will change the course of your work life… for the mucho más-holy shit-way better!  I’m pleased as spiked punch that tickets are booked for my trip to Costa Rica in […]

Remote Round Up 4

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 4

We’ve made it * almost * through what many of us consider to be the longest month of the entire year. Obviously, January IS the longest month… but really this month lasts, like, 2 or 3 bloody months… it JUST. DOESN’T. END. I’m currently making plans for my 2-week trip to Costa Rica next month, and […]

Remote Round Up

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 3

Hello, future (and current) remoters! I gotta tell you, this Remote Round Up Week 3 is Le BOMB! There are loads of job listings, helpful resources, and heaps of tasty nuggets to keep you pumped for your remote job search! Can’t get enough of Remote Round Up?? Check out previous postings, peruse the links, and let […]

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 2

What is UP, second week of January?! I’m knee-deep in week 2 of 6 of the Eat to Live cleanse: vegan, no oil, no salt, no booze. WTF. I’m feeling fundamentally better internally and I’m cooking almost every meal at home–perfect for saving money and this allows me to comfortably stay in my hobbit hole […]

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Week 2 Round Up: Tools, Tech, and Remote Jobs

Hi Y’all! Last week and this coming week equal BUSY and fun– I flew out to Nashville for my Birthday the first weekend in December (yeehaw!) and I’m preparing to travel to Austin for work next week (more yeehaw!) mixed in with a birthday spa date, dog sitting and preparing to send the kid off […]