Welcome to The Graveyard Shift Travel Blog!

Welcome to the first posting of the Graveyard Shift!

Havana Evenings (my photo)

It was a late night decision to start this blog. A few weeks ago, after the rest of the family had gone to bed, I poured a whiskey and decided to watch something before convincing myself to go to sleep as well. I came across an Anthony Bourdain marathon and I indulged. I love his show, or rather shows. The man has multiple shows where he travels, meets interesting people, tastes exciting new dishes, and gets drunk. And that’s his job! All while upholding his old-school, east coast swagger and culinary knowledge and experience along the way.

At some point during the evening, it hit me… why am I not doing that?? It wasn’t the first time I have felt the pining to go, explore, and share. I have lived abroad and traveled, however, I haven’t felt the wrenching in my gut to write about it until recently.

As I ease into my 30s, I feel an urgency to explore more, eat more, meet more people. To DO more than I do now. Perhaps this is a small crisis of sorts, but one that can be abated by surrendering completely to my every comestible and bucolic desire.

The yearning to travel is constant, but sometimes other things come into play that have to be considered and respected- work, family, money. So why can’t I create what it is I feel I’m missing? Why shouldn’t I explore and share the incredible spoils of the region I live in right now?

Thousands of people visit my city every year for their vacation, many with the intention to relocate here. I’ve realized that I have been taking for granted the wonderful and weird that has always been available to me in the city of Portland and the state of Oregon as a whole. Culinary creations, local libations, and 9(!) distinct ecoregions. The concept of stay-cations is not new, and I want to contribute to the movement through my stay-put travel misadventures

Do join me as I meet new people, try new things and most importantly, see old surroundings with new eyes.

Next time, on Graveyard Shift Travel: I take a look at popular graveyards around the world, and visit a few of my own.


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