Week 2 Round Up: Tools, Tech, and Remote Jobs

week 2 round up

Hi Y’all!

Last week and this coming week equal BUSY and fun– I flew out to Nashville for my Birthday the first weekend in December (yeehaw!) and I’m preparing to travel to Austin for work next week (more yeehaw!) mixed in with a birthday spa date, dog sitting and preparing to send the kid off on her first SOLO international flight… I’m just gonna jump right in and share some kick-ass resources and articles I came across. I hope Week 2 Round Up: Tools, Tech, and Remote Jobs is useful in your quest for cubical liberation!

Missed Week 1 Round Up? No prob, check it out here.



Meetup + We Work Join forces!! This union is almost as exciting as Prince Harry’s engagement announcement, ya think?? The Meetup article also links to job openings, while this article shares more on the merger.



This Zapier article breaks down the Agile Method and how combined with a project management application such as Trello, you can plan your total world domination.

Doist posts about remote-first work, here is a tasty nugget from the article: “for the first time in the human history, people can access tremendous career opportunities and high-paying jobs regardless of where they live.”   AMEN!

Help Scout shares actionable steps on landing a remote job.

Product Hunt Make all your sexy resume dreams come true with these resume builders.



Las Morenas De España are hiring a Social Media Manager!! This super cool website helps folks get their shit together who want to move abroad and connect with others doing the same.

And Co‘s The Gig List. Probably the most entertaining thing I read all week. Join the email list for the jobs and stay around for the snark.

And in WHAT THE CRAP??!! News…

This 10-year old (he looks 10) starts the WeRateDogs twitter account and is now rolling in bank.

Forget college, kids.


Have a killer resource I missed? Know of a remote job we gotta apply to?

Share it in the comments below! xo





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