Trains, Buses, and Eastern Europe

Today is January 2nd, 2017. Day 2 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January.

Penelope and I left Florence, Italy this morning around 8:30 am for 12 hours of train and bus travel, arriving this evening to our new ‘home’ for the next month and a half– Croatia (and Bosnia + Herzegovina).  Eastern Europe! The former Yugoslavia! We are currently in the capitol, Zagreb staying at an Airbnb through Saturday. Already we are enjoying the significant reduction in the cost of living here, and we hope to live more on less as we move further east later this month.

I sat next to a nun today on the train. It was my first time. I would probably do it again if I had the chance. Penelope sat next to a nice woman who showed her videos of her pet pug in a swimming pool.

We are becoming quite the traveling team, I might say. Penelope is really helpful when it comes to watching all of our bags when I have to use the bathroom or run into the store for a few items. She also was the first to notice which platform our train was arriving at this morning, and she has shown great interest in learning how to say the word butt in as many languages as possible.

After arriving to our Airbnb, our host Sasha made us tea and we chatted about her work and her summer gig as a tour guide, and we ate part of a chocolate bar as she excitedly circled suggested places for us to visit on a map of the city.

P and I went to Capuciner Grill & Steak for dinner and we each ordered meaty plates of meatness, a salad, and a drink and we left not paying more than we normally would for a small lunch in Florence.



Today, Zagreb experienced snow-ish rain and cold 3.C temps. However, the 10 day forecast is sunny + cold as balls. I really, really LOVE winter travel. I love layers, no crowds, and seeing how people actually live in their city without all the tourists. However, I am surprised with how many people I have run into who are traveling right now. I guess we are part of some secret society… sshhhh!! Don’t tell anyone else how great traveling through Europe in the winter time is!!

I’m drinking a glass of wine writing this post, struggling to keep my eyes open, so I will leave you with this fun fact: Nikola Tesla is from what is now modern-day Croatia! Cool!  If you missed yesterdays post, you can read that right here.

Katedrala Zagrebacka right near the Airbnb:


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