Top Summer Hits in Spanish

Right now you might be wondering why I would be posting the Top Summer Hits in Spanish when clearly it’s November and cold and definitely not summer.


Well, I felt the time has arrived that we need a little throwback hotness in our lives, now that the holiday season is upon us and the fall-back time change has just occurred (and that shit messes everyone up!).

When my daughter and I were on the second leg of our world tour traveling through Central America and Mexico (my mother joining us at this point) from March 2017 through June 2017, these songs narrated our travels and we heard them literally everywhere– blasting out of bars, playing on endless repeat over the radio, in restaurants, in the mall, at house parties. These songs DEFINED the trip for me.

At the time I would cringe at the thought of having to hear them again, but now… here in Portland, Oregon in November of 2017… some of these songs are playing on the radio! And it conjures up a healthy dose of nostalgia and has me wishing for sultry Caribbean nights, and house parties up in the mountains with our Tico friends.

These songs followed us through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and now I’m sharing them for your listening pleasure. Hopefully, they encourage early morning dance parties as you get ready for work, and who knows, maybe after a few rounds of eggnog shots, you’ll bust out this playlist at Thanksgiving and end up grinding to Despacito with your second cousin!


top summer hits in spanish


Top Summer Hits in Spanish

Let’s rock it old school and watch some music videos– yes, they still make them! Some are great, some are awful, but the music should inspire you to get up and shake it during these cold months ahead. If you like any of these artists, Spotify is a great place to discover more of their music.


#1) Mi GenteJ Balvin, Willy Wiliam. This music video is SO GOOD I recommend watching at least once, and I dare you not to hit replay. Bonus Track: Safari — J Balvin ft. Pharrell Williams. A sexy house party video, with Pharrell singing in Spanish.

#2) DespacitoLuis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee. This is the original aka better version of Despacito, WITHOUT Beiber the boy wonder fudging up the song. The video is sexy and fun, and was filmed in Puerto Rico before the devastating hurricane hit. Bonus Track: Almost Like PrayingLin-Manuel Miranda ft. Luis Fonsi, Marc Anthony, JLO, Fat Joe?!! And more! This video and song are so powerful and has me tearing up every damn time. If you haven’t donated to Puerto Rico relief efforts yet, you can do so here through the Hispanic Federation program UNIDOS which supports relief and recovery in Puerto Rico.

#3) Shaky ShakyDaddy Yankee. This song is incredibly annoying but very catchy, and we heard it everywhere. There is A LOT of booty in the video, and here is my warning: do not attempt these moves at home! You will only hurt yourself (specifically your lower back and possibly a hamstring.)

#4) ChantajeShakira ft. Maluma. Shakira is my spirit animal and she kills it in this video. She makes dancing next to urinals hottt. Her entire album El Dorado is great for: dancing, cleaning the house, or sexy time. You choose!

#5) BailandoEnrique Iglesias ft Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona. Flamenco dancing, street parties, and Enrique! This video is really fun, and does he even age??




Here’s a few artists that I hadn’t heard of before traveling through Central America and Mexico. They’ll make a perfect addition to your holiday playlist!


Bonus #1) CriminalNatti Natasha ft Ozuna || Le Rompe Corazones– Daddy Yankee ft Ozuna. I’m OBSESSED with Ozuna and he is basically the Puerto Rican/Dominican version of The Weeknd. Although both of these music videos are rubbish, Ozuna is the star and it’s definitely worth exploring his music more.

Bonus #2) Adios Amor — Christian Nodal || Probablament — Christian Nodal ft David Bisbal. SWOON and DOUBLE SWOON. If Christian Nodal’s baby face doesn’t melt your heart, then the romantic mariachi duet will. Don’t blame me if you become an instant fan!

Bonus #3) Darte un BesoPrince Royce. Hopefully, you go bonkers over Bachata, after listening to Prince Royce. This video is cheesy, but Bachata is legit, my friends. Romeo Santos is another artist to check out if you are feelin’ the Bachata (his music videos super suck, although he has colab’d with Usher and Drake…so I recommend just listening to him on Spotify).


So, what do you think– have you heard of these Top Summer Hits in Spanish before? Hopefully, this list inspires dance parties and familiarizes you to some of the hottest artists in Latin America.

Do you have a favorite playlist from a recent trip? I would LOVE to know who played on the soundtrack to your travels!! Share your favorite artist or song from a recent trip in the comments below!

Image credits here: Evening Beach, Holiday Party, Dance Party

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