The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Roundup 6.0

Welcome to the Houseless Experiment week 6! I’m feelin’ the burn, baby!

I wanted to recognize today as I am writing this post– it is Saturday, November 14th 2015, one day after the absurd and reckless terrorist attacks on Paris, France. I wanted to say something about that because after a full evening of watching the news, and constantly refreshing twitter, and reading every news outlet online– left and right– I don’t understand why.


But I do want to say that, yes, I recognize that recent attacks in neighboring countries to France went unrecognized, and that there are many opinions and rebuttals flying around… But please tell the people you love that you love them. And please choose peace over violence in your thoughts and actions.

The Weekly Roundup will be in a different format this week. Instead of a day by day narrative of where I went and what happened, it will be shared with you as follows…

The week of November 7th-14 went as such:

I stayed with a friend on her outskirts-of-urban farm with pups and chickens and goats {oh, my!}. In a big, foreboding-yet charming farm house in southeast Portland. Let me tell ya, this stay was one of the most enjoyable due to the never ending opportunity to snuggle with a dog or walk the property and visit with the other critters. We enjoyed many a sweatpants & movie night, while making a few delicious dinners and drinking the coveted boxed wine.



Saturday, November 7th I went to Eugene for breakfast and a visit with a friend. I grew up in Eugene and surrounding areas, and I have not been back down in several months, and it felt so good to go to my favorite brunch spot–The Keystone Cafe— shoot the shit {and also talk about some serious shit} with my good friend, and walk around my old neighborhood–Whittaker— and stop off at my old work & favorite fat kid place–Sweet Life–. I realized that sometimes, the places we take for granted, are where we most desire to return to.

Sunday, November 8th- I went to Durant Vineyards with the parents. This is such a lovely winery and home to the Oregon Olive Mill. One of the reasons we visited was the price of tasting. We scoured the area and found most tasting to be around the $40 price range… per person!? That just does not fly with me. I will pay $10-15 for a menu of 5 tastings, and then I usually buy a bottle to take home, but I guess I get it for those large groups that come for tastings and are loud and obnoxious and never buy anything.


This week also reminded me of the ridiculous creativity that exists within my own family– my sister Beth Olson of Beth Olson Creativewho has been patiently helping me with the face lift of my blog/website, and answering my insane and obnoxious questions about WordPress, and who also runs a fucking bad-ass business that you should–if nothing else–check out for the beautiful photographs she is responsible for, and possibly consider working with her for any of your wedding day, web design, or  on-location-wild fantasy photo shoots you have been dreaming of.

This week, I’m OBSESSED with creativity… and crazy ideas. I am now the founder of Portland Bloggers Roundtable “an elite task force of blogging misfits”. I am in the recruitment stage, looking for 4 Portland based bloggers who will collaborate with and share their honest and diverse perspective covering Portland topics from the controversial to the ridiculous on their blog once a month. Hey! Are you a Portland Blogger?? Get a hold of me for details here on the blog, twitter or Instagram.

What is the craziest/most creative idea you have had this week?? Leave your comments below!


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