The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Round Up 1.0

Welcome to the Houseless Experiment’s Weekly Roundup! This is the perfect place to stay up-to-date on my experiment, as well as my Adventures in House sitting and other highlights of nomadic living in my own city!

This week is a recap of the first 10 days of my Houseless Experiment from September 30th-October 9th, and taking a look at my surprisingly seamless transition from house-renter to nomad.

September 30th was my last day as a renter, and I was able to leave work early to pack up the rest of my smaller bedroom and bathroom items– stuff that is now taking up residency in the trunk of my car. I had a beer with my roommate on our patio for the last time, I facilitated plans for the towing of the goddamn truck that has been sitting in my drive way for the last 7 months, and I said sayonara to my renting days {for now} as I dropped off the house keys to the rental agency.

I headed over to my friend’s house located in the Kent neighborhood in North Portland, where I would be sleeping for the next 2 nights on the floor in her spare bedroom. That night, she had a dinner party and we dinned outside under the stars with a group of friends, enjoying fire-side conversations and drinks after.

This week proved to be abundant in house sitting opportunities as I had a weekend gig in the Boise-Eliot neighborhood in North Portland. I enjoyed caring for two cats and two French Bulldogs, and it didn’t hurt that I was 3 blocks from Mississippi Avenue and ate out for every meal that weekend!

With the end of that gig, a new one started, this time for two-weeks watching two indoor cats in the Richmond neighborhood in South East Portland. This is where I am currently, writing this post from the comfy front porch couch!

I take my drinking seriously! @ Ecliptic Brewing

These first two weeks of local nomadic living have been really freaking cool, and I already have spent more time with friends and family sharing meals and time together in these two weeks than I have in the last two months. I’m enjoying the fluidity of my location and the opportunities to explore corners of the city I didn’t know existed.

A few thoughts on pet sitting…


*Indoor/outdoor cats rule!

*Indoor cats make me nervous only because I’m so paranoid about them slipping outside when I open the front door

*Litter boxes are just a cat’s way of asserting their power over humans

*Dog require lots of attention, and sometimes will try to hump you. Cat’s don’t do that.

*It’s kind of wonderful to fall asleep with a bed full of animals Screenshot_2015-10-09-13-47-29

Lastly, I went on a book buying binge and finished Jon Gnarr’s The Indian in two days, and this morning I started The Beach by Alex Garland {now a major motion picture!!} I actually love that movie and Leo, as always, kills it.

Well lovelies, thanks for reading the Weekly Round-up, I’m looking forward to sharing next week with you as I finish up my two week house sitting gig, get my pumpkin patchin’ on, and visit the beach. #nomad life

Do you have a suggestion for the next book I should read?? Leave the title and author in the comments!


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