The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Round Up 5.0

Welcome to week 5 of the Houseless Experiment!! It has been 5 weeks since I sold most of my belongings, and decided to become a local nomad in my own city, while still holding down a 9-5. Brush up on the details of the Experiment here.

It definitely has felt like 5 weeks, but at the same times it feels as if this adventure has just started. I am getting very accustom to schlepping my worldly belongings around, living out of a few bags of clothes, and surviving off the kindness of friends and family.

Saturday October 31st- It rained so hard that streets flooded and no one was out for trick or treating… except a few brave souls. Me, the kid, her friend and her mom braved the dark and stormy night with umbrellas and hit the neighborhoods, raking in pounds of candy within minutes, since we were the only trick-or-treaters all night. I now have a stash of mini-butterfingers to last me through the Apocalypse.


Sunday November 1st- I woke up instantly in the morning with a strange realization that it was exactly 1 month until my 34th birthday. Shit. That sounds old. I made the decision right then and there that I would join the gym, not to get ‘super ripped bro’ but to enjoy some classes, the swimming pool, and to incorporate activity into my generally sedentary lifestyle.

Look at my adulty gym membership key tag!

Monday November 2nd- immediately after work I went to LA Fitness and joined the gym. I told you I would! They have a pool, sauna AND a juice bar, you guys!! Now if they were open 24 hours I would just find a way to live in the locker rooms. This week had me staying at the Traveler’s House house in North Portland tucked away between the Alberta Arts District and the Mississippi District. The first night I shared wine with some house mates, and stayed up later than we should have, talking about future travel plans.


Tuesday November 3rd- Today was a day to remember someone’s passing.

It was also #NationalSandwichDay and I ate the shit out of a deli sandwich from New Seasons and tweeted about it. Because everyone else was, that’s why. Also, my sister drunkenly fell during Halloween and twisted up her ankle somethin’ fierce so we looked at and poked at her incredibly swollen, lumpy kankle. I went back to the hostel and made a towel fort out of my lower bunk, tucking a towel and a sheet underneath the mattress above me- along the perimeter of the bunk- thus creating a sacred bedding cave for me to sleep in. Unfortunately cotton is not sound proof, and I could still hear the guy a few bunks over talking in his sleep. sigh.

Wednesday November 4th- The hostel is approximately 2 miles from my work, which is incredibly convenient, also, Albina Press coffee house is 5 blocks from the hostel and they open at 6am! NO coffee shop, aside from Starfucks, is open that early. *Side note: I say Starfucks, but honestly I go to Starbucks because they are open really early, so yes, I’m a hypocrite for hatin’ on an establishment I frequent*

I took my car in to Atomic Auto this morning, which is super close to my work, and crazy quick, nice and efficient. I absolutely recommend them. They replaced the fan that controls my heat and defrost because mine stopped working, and ya kinda need that in the winter. Needless to say, after it was fixed before the end of the day, I turned that bitch on full heat and just drove around. #thuglife

I rounded out the evening having dinner at my friend’s house, good food, cheap wine, great convos. As I was ending the evening back at the hostel, I loitered around the kitchen making small talk with a few other house mates. Then a conversation about veganism began and some pretentious turd from Michigan began ranting… and I left for bed. Sorry kiddies, I aint got time for your 20 year old discoveries. *Side note: yes I do realize I’m staying at a hostel with people from all over the world and varying ages and some may be turds… it’s also my right to sigh loudly and walk out in the middle of a conversation about vegans.*

Thursday November 5th- Albina Press for coffee, check. 4th consecutive day at the gym, check. Met up with friends after work for happy hour on the west side, check. I don’t make it across the bridge to the west side very often, but I enjoyed driving around that evening. The changes happening on the west side seem far less drastic and shocking than on the east side– 100 year old houses being bulldozed to cram multiple row houses on the same lot; green spaces being torn up to build towering apartment complexes that hide cityscape and sunsets.


Friday November 6th- a Big Fat Italian dinner at my parent’s house rounded out this week of the Houseless Experiment. I’m grateful for their generosity and lightheartedness, attributes which I have been the humble and willing recipient of.

I’m kind of a big deal now.

Oh yeah! I submitted my blog to be included on the PDXBloggers master list for travel blogs, and they accepted me! And this leads me to my Weekly Obsession: the INTERNT. It’s not new, but It is still so freaking amazing and I have just been blown away by it time and time again this week. I find things that I like– blogging, travel, food, etc.– and then I easily find people who like that as well, we connect on social media platforms, and now we are all best friends! OB.SESSED. Thank you Al Gore or Dennis Rodman, which ever of you invented the internet.

 What are you obsessed with this week?! I wanna know! So leave a comment below! xo

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