The Endless Cold

Today is January 10th, 2017 and I missed yesterday of my self-inflicted 31 posts in January.

But don’t fear, not much happened in the realm of blog worthy events on January 9th. I walked down the hill to the little market and picked up some food for dinner. It was snowing and freezing cold, and I felt as if my lungs were going to explode. I had a video chat interview… more on that as events progress.

Today we were a little bit more productive. I finished my second day of HTML & CSS classes, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Learning new stuff is good. P finished up some testing for school, and we finally got ourselves out the door, down the hill, across the river and to the National Library… right after it closed.

We will try again tomorrow.

The library was destroyed in the 1992 Siege of Sarajevo, flames engulfing precious and irreplaceable historic manuscripts. Its rebuild finished in 2013 and is a beautiful representation of Austro-Hungarian architecture and design… Which is beautiful, and reminds me of a big candy cane cake!

img_20170110_150718282-01 img_20170110_150626529-01

We went by The Sevdah Art House, a museum and cafe, and enjoyed a baklava and Turkish coffee. The museum was closing by the time we arrived.


We will try again tomorrow.

We did a little walk through of an indoor market, and it was… humble. Not much action, not much variety, and vendors young and old bundled up in layers looking at their phones.

We walked next door to a cafe and had an excellent salad–something that’s been missing from our diet for the last week or so! The jazz music blaring over the speakers was horrible, the cooking show radiating off of the tvs was obnoxious, AND they served NO ALCOHOL. But by god, you could smoke in there. My food was that good I only had to complain once about the other stuff here in this post 😉

I bought some pants. And to most of you that means nothing. But for the last month or more, I have been wearing a combination of leggings, sweats, and recently because of the freezing weather, both leggings + sweats because Europe doesn’t make my size in jeans! Or at least not where I’ve gone (I’ve gone everywhere). Size 10 is not such an outlandish size to request in jeans, or even pants that look like jeans! So, I found some cute black pants, and I almost cried, and I bought them and they will be mine forever, until I can add a second pair of pants to the family.

Tomorrow we will try once again to get to places before they close. But I also don’t mind wandering around the snow covered streets hopping in and out coffee houses.

If you missed the last post you can read it here. xo


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