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5 Must Do’s Before Moving Abroad

Over the past few weeks, I have been slowly putting together this list of 5 Must Do’s Before Moving Abroad, as a helpful list for others, but also as a way to help me prioritize my many tasks in preparation for a year long trip abroad. Keep in mind, that I have moved abroad before. […]

Best Week Ever: Holiday Events You Can’t Miss

Ho-Ho-Holy Sh*t. It’s December. Hello dear readers, and welcome to Best Week Ever 2.0 Holiday Events You Can’t Miss! Has the above oh-sh*t been running through your heads recently like it has mine?? Because my birthday is Deceber 1st {holla’ to my Sagittarius readers} this wintery wonderland of a month seemed to come at me […]

Estate Sales & Antique Malls

I would first like to say: Happy 2015 dear readers! Wow, 2014 really was a crazy year filled with extremes, for sure. As I go through my Word Press reader, which allows me to easily see all the newest blog posts from the many travel bloggers I follow, I am left in awe of the […]