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A Birthday Feast for the Eyes

December 1st has come and gone, yet what do we really know about this noblest of days? It is the gateway day to all other holidays occurring this month, with out the 1st, you have no other days. Also, it’s my birthday! After some snooping, I found that several noteworthy events also happened on this […]

Graveyards: a popular travel destination?

What is it about graveyards that intrigue us so much? Is it the idea of walking among the dead? Or perhaps it gives us time to reflect on our own mortality, an afterlife, reincarnation… For whatever reason, I thoroughly enjoy visiting graveyards when I travel. I guess it allows me to imagine the stories of […]

Welcome to The Graveyard Shift Travel Blog!

Welcome to the first posting of the Graveyard Shift! It was a late night decision to start this blog. A few weeks ago, after the rest of the family had gone to bed, I poured a whiskey and decided to watch something before convincing myself to go to sleep as well. I came across an […]