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Make Love Not War

Today is January 11, 2017. Day 11 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January. Today we attempted again to go to the candy cane cake building aka the National Library, but none of the doors were open. I pressed my face up against the windows and knocked as loud as I could, hoping […]

The Endless Cold

Today is January 10th, 2017 and I missed yesterday of my self-inflicted 31 posts in January. But don’t fear, not much happened in the realm of blog worthy events on January 9th. I walked down the hill to the little market and picked up some food for dinner. It was snowing and freezing cold, and […]

The Cold Makes You Feel Alive, In A Dying Sort Of Way

Today is January 8th, 2017, Day 8 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January. Today, we ventured out into The Old Town… but not before 1pm. We slept in and needed it. Kind of crappy transportation can make you tired and sore, especially 9 hours of it. The heating in our apartment didn’t […]

The Long Road to Sarajevo

Today is January 7th 2017 (not really, it’s the morning of the 8th, but…) day 7 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posts in January. We left Zagreb by bus at 12:30 and mentally prepared for our 9 hour bus ride south through Croatia, south through most of Bosnia+Herzegovina. We were prepared with snacks, water, […]

Chapped Lips and Cold Hands

Today is January 6th, 2017. Day 5 & 6 of my self-inflicted 30 days of posting in January. Now, days 5 + 6 are combined because, honest to goodness!! I wasn’t able to log into my website yesterday. In fact, I was just getting the spinning beach ball of death.Weird. I know. Anyhow, that’s my […]

Day 4 in Zagreb, Croatia

Today is January 4th, 2017. Day 4 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January. So remember how yesterday I said that we didn’t do much?.. Well, today beats yesterday by a landslide. We stayed in our cozy Airbnb almost all day and we didn’t go outside until after 5pm! P was working on […]

A Snow Day in the Balkans

Today is  January 3rd, 2017. Day 3 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January. Today we slept in. It’s what I like to call A Snow Day in the Balkans. I didn’t even think about getting up before 10am, and even then I stayed in bed reading the news on my phone until […]

Sweatpants, Prague, and 2017

Today is January 1st, 2017… 2017! The first day of the New Year! And after a most tragic and heartbreaking 365 days of artistic losses and wars and elections. By god, 2017, you don’t get to just breeze in and be the new kid– you gotta hit the ground running, just like the rest of […]

Flash: 35 and Alive in Florence

So 35 happened. It came and went and I feel ok about it. It happened in Florence, Italy, with a 9 year old as my companion. Upon waking up, I assembled my excitement for the day– 35 in Italy! Woohoo!! But in all honesty, I oscillated between a healthy dose of birthday merriment and melancholy. […]

Flash: On Barcelona

We spent 10 days in the capital of Catalonia and we were keen on learning more about the city’s distinct history, culture, and food scene… which we did–in large quantities! From historic walking tours in the Gothic Quarter, to overdosing on Gaudí architecture, to a 5 night run of eating at every sushi and noodle […]