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Flash: On Barcelona

We spent 10 days in the capital of Catalonia and we were keen on learning more about the city’s distinct history, culture, and food scene… which we did–in large quantities! From historic walking tours in the Gothic Quarter, to overdosing on Gaudí architecture, to a 5 night run of eating at every sushi and noodle […]

Flash Memoir: Conversations with Rocks

There is a desired solitude one can find up on the mountain side. A place for contemplation, reflection, and… “OH, COME ON!  YOU. ASS. HOLE!” Thud… Thud… Thud.  The rock eventually stopped rolling down the side of the mountain when it found its way to the bottom of a giant, wide ditch, an unfinished or […]

Flash Memoir: Enough is Enough

This is the first post for Flash Memoir & Flash Fiction, short stories that will be featured on the blog showcasing the power of storytelling. Stay tuned for guest post opportunities, slightly inappropriate themes, and getting turned on by words!   “He hit me in the face… and he broke my nose. That didn’t hurt […]