Sweatpants, Prague, and 2017

Today is January 1st, 2017… 2017! The first day of the New Year! And after a most tragic and heartbreaking 365 days of artistic losses and wars and elections. By god, 2017, you don’t get to just breeze in and be the new kid– you gotta hit the ground running, just like the rest of us.

I’m writing this post on January 1st, at 11pm because one of my mini-resolutions was to write a-post-a-day for the month of January, and I almost talked myself out of it ALREADY, on the first day!! So, short and sweet is the game tonight.

I remembered early today, what I was doing on January 1st, 2016. I was at the Oregon coast with my sister and Brother-in-Law and some of our friends, drinking mimosas and watching the New Year’s Day Parade. It was then that I decided to get a second job because a few weeks earlier I had decided that Penelope and I were going to travel for a year starting in Augusts 2016. Flash Forward, we have been traveling through Europe for the last 5 months almost to the day. It’s incredible what can happen in a year’s time.

Tomorrow, January 2nd we are boarding a few trains and a few buses and leaving Florence, Italy, a place we have called home for a month, and we are heading to Eastern Europe–to Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina through the middle of February. I’m interested to see what my daily posts will reveal about seeking temporary (visa) refuge in countries that not so long ago themselves experienced mass exodus.

I spent some solo time recently (December 27th-30th) in Prague, Czech Republic, and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. It brought me to tears my first night, and I felt a very strong connection to the area. It’s safe to say that Prague has the best holiday markets– bustling with an endless selection of food and wintery treats as well as boozy drinks served up piping hot. But it is cold there. Like wearing 5 layers cold, and sweatpants over your other pants cold.

In Florence at least, people are not entitled about their time–today we all walked down to the station so I could buy train tickets. It was packed and a million people were coming and going and the lines at the ticket machines were long. My turn came and it took me 3 attempts to finally get my tickets. I anxiously looked behind me expecting to see angry faces or to hear exasperated comments… but no, people were just waiting in line, chatting to their friends, and waiting. It’s like, we all gotta wait our turn, so then we can take our own sweet-ass time. I support the sentiment 100%.

It may be that these posts-a-day will seem like nothing more than long winded facebook posts, and so be it. For me, it is good practice to write here, in my very own space that belongs to no one else, and to take a little time to share part of my day with you.

To end, here is a glorious photo of me, wearing my sweatpants over my other pants for the 4th day in a row. This bus was completely packed save for one seat, which was next to me! (Let’s pretend it had nothing to do with my wardrobe). img_20161230_130544251_hdr-01



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