Remote Work Perks: what you need to succeed

remote work perks

In the last few posts, we covered some of the most important steps to landing the remote job of your dreams. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what YOU want and need to succeed in your remote job.

What are the best remote work perks you should be looking for? News flash, it’s not all about the money.


These two lists are taken directly from a Marie Forleo post on motivating teams and keeping them happy.


Measures of employee success:

1- making a positive impact

2- doing work you love

3- good work/life balance

4- pay

Now take a minute to reflect on this list. Do you agree with what you see? Is making a positive impact doing something you enjoy more important than making money? I would have to say that for me, yes, it is more important. We spend so much of our waking hours at work, it should at least makes us feel good. The ultimate unicorn job would be doing something we are truly passionate about that benefits others while making bank.


Want to Hire a Dream Team? Offer these 5 perks:

1- flexibility: control over schedule *and location*

2- time off: *unlimited* vacation, paid holidays, inspiration days

3- the best tech: *new* laptops, etc. *Encourages* productivity, company pride and moral

4- challenge team to grow: gain new skills, provide growth path, and opportunities to step up

5- appreciation and acknowledgment

(* * content I’ve added to the original list)

This advice is for the other side– for companies looking to attract rockstar employees, and how to keep them happy and loyal. However, these are legit remote work perks that I would require of any company I wish to align myself with. Not all remote jobs are created equal, keep that in mind. I’ve come across some ‘work-from-home’ gigs that basically replace the cubical with your kitchen table. They still require you to clock in and out, you have timed breaks, and many have you receiving an endless stream of inbound calls. Ummm, no.

Make sure you know what YOU want from your remote job. Do you want full health insurance coverage? A stipend to join a gym or coworking space? As with any position you’re applying for, doing some research beforehand to make sure the company is a good fit for you and your needs will make saying yes to that job offer a total breeze.

remote work perks



Companies Hiring Remote workers

You can check out Muse’s list of 23 Companies Hiring like crazy in November which included remote and in-office positions at Amazon, Getty Images, and Blizzard Entertainment to name a few!

Want even more resources??

Zapier’s list of Companies Hiring Remote Workers is bookmark-worthy and Skillcrush shares a beautiful list of 23 Remote Companies Hiring Now.


Happy remote job hunting, and let me know: what is the number one remote work perk that would seal the deal for you? Let me know in the comments!




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