Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 2

What is UP, second week of January?!

I’m knee-deep in week 2 of 6 of the Eat to Live cleanse: vegan, no oil, no salt, no booze. WTF. I’m feeling fundamentally better internally and I’m cooking almost every meal at home–perfect for saving money and this allows me to comfortably stay in my hobbit hole until this month passes.

It may be dreary outside, but remote jobs and inspiration for living a remote 2018 is HOT! Check out your weekly resources below… {did you notice the new TRAVEL category??}



ManRepeller gives us insight on 5 Authors on How, Why and Where they Write. If you do remote/online work, 9 out of 10 times you are crafting content, communicating with coworkers, and aligning your company’s messaging with its brand presence.

Zapier deconstructs the side hustle The 7 Key Ingredients in a Successful Side Project 



Oberlo blog throws their two cents in the pile:  How to Travel the World as a Digital Nomad

I had to do a little digging around for a readable article on video conference software, and as always, Zapier has a sweet blog post for that: The 12 Best Video Conferencing Apps


Remote Jobs

AngelList share 20 Female Founded Startups to Join in 2018— this list includes OPEN POSITIONS!

Rudolphe at Remotive.Co gives us access to his massive data base of 600 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2018

Although, not a job listing, The Cut‘s article offers some insight on saving skrilla: How I saved 30% of My Income




If I could read only one blog for the rest of my life, it would Roads&Kingdoms. Their City Guide to Mexico City {one of my all time favorite cities} is delicious, and I’m not just talking about the mole!


Know about a sweet gig not listed above? Do you have some remote intel we just gotta know about?? Share in the comments below!



Featured image by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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