Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 5

Remote Round Up Week 5

Week 5 of Remote Round Up is finally here!

Get your fix of Tools, Tech and Remote Jobs to help you find that remote gig that will change the course of your work life… for the mucho más-holy shit-way better! 

I’m pleased as spiked punch that tickets are booked for my trip to Costa Rica in a few weeks. I’m going to have 8 pure, unadulterated days work free– don’t get me wrong, I totally dig my job, but we have a generous time off policy and my work supports taking breaks, vacations, and generally unplugging and enjoying life.

I’ve said it once (or twice or three times) but don’t forget to check out the benefits and work perks of the remote jobs you’re applying for, as these extra bonuses contribute to a happy and healthy remote experience–ie: work from anywhere, new hardware, unlimited time off, health benefits, work retreats, coworking space, lunch/massage/cellphone stipend… the list goes on!




Rhoda Meek from Olark talks about working and her Bipolar Disorder 

Martin De Wulf talks to the Stresses of Remote Life and being a stay at home work-dad

Baremetrics shares 4 Ways to be Productive While Working Remotely

Career Contessa gathers advice from women ballers–what they wish they’d have known at 25 (and let’s be honest, now.)

Golden Kitty Awards winners have been announced!




Shopify puts out some legit helpful posts these days, this one included: 6 Free Online Tools Everyone Should Know About

Zapier has the IT crowd dishing: Best Office Management Software

Here’s how Olark trains new members of their support team remotely




Career Contessa Remote Job Opportunities

The Muse shares 19 Companies Hiring Entry Level Positions 





CNTraveler is making all our dreams come true with this news: An Italian Town is Selling Its Historic Homes for $1.25 (passport in hand.. I’m out!)

Roads&Kingdoms The Trip podcast episode 3: Superman of Havana (I’m pretty sure this episode talks about some guy’s infamous dong!)




That’s it for this week’s Remote Round Up! Did we miss a rad remote job post or a new online tool?

Share that shit in the comments, sugar!

~Hasta la proxima~

Remote Round Up 5

Featured Image by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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