Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 1

Hello, 2018!!

Nothing excites me more than the hope and possibilities that bubble around New Year. I love sitting down and journaling out the goals I want to accomplish– reading more female authors, kick-starting my health routine, and creating a magical morning ritual to name a few!

The New Year means I’m resetting the Remote Round Up. Starting with Week #1 and ending with Week #52 (another one of my New Year goals). I want to bring you the most helpful articles and resources on the web to assist you in landing the remote job of your dreams, so let’s dive right in!



This article from Buffer talks to advancing in your position w/o joining the ranks of management.

The Muse gets a Wellness Expert’s advice on creating your best 24 hours.

Be still my heart! Power to Fly introduces Networks “connecting with women to elevate your career and improve work for everyone.”

The Remotive Blog shares 8 real-life stories of people, just like you and me, landing their first remote job!




Zapier drops some knowledge: Remote Worker’s Tool Kit including 30+ apps and tools AND 2017’s top trending web apps and software that elevated the remote work experience.

AngelList has compiled this sexy list of the 50+ Best Websites to Learn Code. Make 2018 the year of <code/>!

Help Scout shares their Digital Nomad Toolkit for traveling remote workers (dream job title, no??)

Zapier shares 13 Slack Apps to take team productivity to the next level.




Remote.Co shares Remote Work Predictions for 2018.

Making Sense of Cents shares 70+ Ways to Make Money on the Side because the side-hustle is real.

The Muse‘s January list of 29 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in 2018 and 30 more, here!



I’m so grateful that I get to share these resources with y’all out in internet land. Although some of the content is time sensitive–like the jobs section– a lot of the articles are evergreen and you can come back to these Remote Round Up posts again and again!

Did I miss a dope job posting that we just GOTTA know about?? Have some insider intel you wanna share?? Put that knowledge in the comments, below, yo! Cheers to your first week of 2018 remote job search!





Featured Image by Mia Baker on Unsplash




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