Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 6

Remote round up week 6

Week 6, we’ve made it!

Not only is Remote Round Up Week 6 here, but you should be 2-steppin’ your way nicely through February, our gatekeeper month into spring (at least here in the western hemisphere).

 This week’s list of resources is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I’m sharing loads of remote job listings, open positions, and international companies who are hiring right now!

This upcoming week is a big one for me as two awesome things are happening– 1) I’m flying down to Costa Rica for two weeks 2) My 6-week Eat to Live cleanse ends– the all vegan, no booze, no oil, no salt, no sugar cleanse. First on the agenda when that bad boy is done: a lime-y, bubbly vodka soda and a bag of Takis.

Let’s dive in!



Would you take a pay cut for happiness? The Muse sources feedback from their online community to answer this and other work conundrums

Thinking about switching careers? Career Contessa shares a step-by-step to get you on your way

Outsite, the super cool Coliving company, is sharing a list of LITERALLY 600 startups hiring remotely right MEOW

Unsplash + Medium have formed a beautiful alliance, now all Unsplash photos are available in Medium



Skillcrush shares how to set up a perfect home office and where to source the tech-y goods

Oberlo has cracked the case on the best IG hashtags to use for optimal engagement #cool

The New York Times sheds some {creepy} light on The Rise of the Social Media Fembot don’t believe me… check out this CREEPY AF not-a-real human IG account of LilMiquel


Remote Jobs

THIS JOB from Fiverr IS EVERYTHING. Please apply to it immediately. Chief Digital Nomad application deadline is FEB.25th 2018

Career Contessa Job Opportunities board lets you choose by location including remote positions!

Flex Jobs always has interesting remote p/t and f/t opportunities to browse

Power to Fly has new postings for client facing and backend tech positions remote and on location

AngelList shares top remote-friendly companies hiring now

The Muse has an international job board!


Babbel askes, is it possible to forget your mother tongue? And how does this affect the connection to your self-identity?

As my 6 weeks of Veganism comes to an end, I’ve learned how to prepare that unassuming bean curd in a number of ways. Little did I know that my city of Portland is home to the longest standing tofu shop in the U.S. Slate  shakes down  The Secret History of Tofu in America



Have the scoop on some news we missed?

Share it in the comments below!

~ciao ciao~


Remote Round Up 5

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