Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 4

Remote Round Up 4

We’ve made it * almost * through what many of us consider to be the longest month of the entire year. Obviously, January IS the longest month… but really this month lasts, like, 2 or 3 bloody months… it JUST. DOESN’T. END.

I’m currently making plans for my 2-week trip to Costa Rica next month, and it’s really helping me to stay laser-focused on my work to-do list so that I can unplug without a single worry for an entire week while I’m living PURA VIDA on the beach. Yes, I do have to work during my second week in Costa Rica, but as soon as the workday is done, I step out the door and I’m in the mountains, beach, city… wherever I choose to be!

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It’s week 4 of Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, and Remote Jobs to keep you focused on your 2018 goals for landing the remote job of your dreams. Let’s get to it, and if you missed last week’s Round Up, check it out here.


Fiverr acquires ANDCO and now the ANDCO app for freelancers is FREE!

YUP. Stiiiiiiiillll January. That means if you are struggling to keep your resolutions/goals for 2018, it hasn’t even been ONE MONTH. CreativeLive has just the motivation: 7 Ways to Double Down on your Goals




Zapier, as always, shares the dope resources: The 11 Best Accounting and Booking Software for Freelancers

THIS IS RICH!! Shopify exposes How 37 Popular Sites Used to Look including Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. Fortunately, there’s been some progress in digital design!

How to Use Slack’s New Shared Channels will keep you out of your boring inbox and more engaged in real-time convos via Zapier



The Muse is highlighting 16 West Coast Companies to work for in 2018  Get ON it!

The Muse loves the lists! 27 Companies That Will Inspire You to Think Outside the Box... or the bun?

The Every Girl may be aimed towards a millennial female demographic… but a job board is a job board!

Remote job opportunities galore at the Career Contessa job board




When you have a remote job that you can do from anywhere, you also get to think about and try out new work/life situations like Coworking and Coliving! Outsite AIRBNB vs. OUTSITE vs. HOTELS breaks it down for us location independent workers

Roads&Kingdoms second podcast is live! The Trip: Episode 2. Dancing with the Dead


That’s a wrap for Remote Round Up Week 4! As always, let me know if I’ve missed a remote opportunity the community needs to know about. And remember, it’s not ALL about work– where are you planning on traveling to in 2018?? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

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