A Look Back at 2017 + Big Plans for 2018

Travel 2018


Yes, I know we’re halfway through January already {gasp!} BUT it’s still the newest part of the New Year, right??

I’m gonna ride the New Year’s train a little longer because I really love all the reflection posts and articles that come out right around now– anyone with a blog or website usually takes this time to reflect on lessons learned, places traveled, and to look brightly to the future… Myself included!

It’s no secret that 2017 was a HUGE year for travel for me, as the kiddo and I were halfway through our year-long, world trip. We slow traveled through incredible places in 2017– the stories will come, I promise, but for now, let these pictures represent my words for Italy, Croatia, Bosnia+Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, LA, Oakland, Nashville, and Austin!

So What Does 2018 Have In Store For Travel? Here’s The Scoop:

February: either Mexico or Costa Rica

March: Road trip somewhere in the U.S.

April: Disney Land

May: TBD

June: TBD

July: Italy + Europe

August: MOVING ABROAD!! {location TBD}



Florence Italy



Split Croatia



Mostar Bosnia


ITALY (again!)

Amalfi Italy



Manuel Antonio Costa Rica



San Juan del Sur Nicaragua



Mexico City Mexico


Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach California


Oakland, CA

Oakland California


Nashville, TN

Nashville Tennessee


Austin, TX

Austin Texas


I love looking through my photos from these trips, lot’s of little memories captured that I’ve forgotten… {and lots of BBQ I’m still dreaming about!}

I’ll be following up soon with country profiles and city itineraries about these locations and a few places from 2016, including Ireland, the UK, Spain, Czech Republic, and Germany!

Did you have a similar filled-to-the-brim year of travel? Share in the comments below and tell us your travel plans for 2018!



Featured Image by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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