Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-3.0

We have made it to day 3 of the online Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit! My brain is brimming with information and I am noticing some reoccurring themes regarding creating a Global Life. So far the speakers have been very informative, funny, and insightful. This is good stuff, so lets do it!


Day 3: Expand Your Global Career

Leslie Forman, entrepreneur, educator, global adviser

How to create a global career: Studying abroad in Chile, moving to China for work and now back state side, Leslie realized she wanted to create a global career by connecting places and culture, asking, how can global perspective be useful? She emphasizes inviting the global into your career by surrounding yourself with what it is you are seeking. Careers in language teaching, immigration, and international business lend to this, as well as asking for an international relocation withing your existing company, as well as creating a global niche online.

Think about your interests and where you are in life. This global connection doesn’t have to be your main career, but something that fulfills your global need, such as taking a language class or a cooking class. She does believe that studying abroad absolutely is a launching pad for creating your global life and career.

Benefits of a global career: work opportunities open up when you are located abroad because you can been seen as an expert, and job opportunities that you normally wouldn’t be considered for at home, actually become available and you become sought after. Being a ‘foreigner’ gives you an outside perspective and more credibility, you are bringing your work experience into a whole new job market seeking your multicultural expertise.

Never underestimate the power of being in a physical space with like minded people. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing. Network, go to casual meetups, and talk to acquaintances about what you want and are planning on doing. These are valuable face to face interactions and can lead to job prospects or new clients.

What I got out of it: It’s important to leverage your skills when abroad. You can teach, offer business advising, or start your own company because you have knowledge and connections-as an outsider- that others do not. If your desire is not to participate full time in this life style, you can volunteer or seek out short term opportunities.

Sandy Sidhu, digital strategist, entrepreneur, podcaster

Tech tools for your global career and life: There are key components to managing and maintaining your online presence and making it work for you. Sandy says there are three must-haves for anyone considering an online/global career. 1) having your own website to refer people to. It has your specific information and you can update and modify when needed. 2) have Skype or Google hangout set up so you can face time with clients and coworkers. 3) Paypal is a good place to start when receiving domestic and international payments.

Play around with new tech tools and ask people in your network for advice. Technology should not be a barrier to your goals. Virtual Assistants (VA) are the best value for your time. Outsource tasks that get in the way of furthering your business.

To be successful, pick leaders in your industry and mirror their approach. Read about them and stay active and current on the up and coming leaders and new technology. Don’t forget to nurture your global perspective- get involved online and offline with groups outside of your usual ‘cliques’.

Above all else: set boundaries. Don’t work 20 hour days. Actively practice self-care.

What I got out of it: Technology is exciting and ever-changing. There are constantly new platforms being created to enhance your online experience and to bolster online businesses, making interactions more efficient. Don’t be scared to try out several different tech tools before deciding what works for you. Seek out support in your process, and don’t forget to do this offline once in a while.

Tamara Thorpe, life guide, leadership expert, consultant

What it’s really like to have a global career: After a decision to study abroad in Spain, Tamara has become devoted to facilitating global options for others, which consists of a combination of professional and personal choices.

She measures her everyday successes by communicating with her network via email, social media and newsletters. A global life needs to be examined by the dream and the reality of this life choice. It is not always glamorous and jet setting; it can also be filled with long commutes and working alone in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Find that balance between being home and traveling. The best version of yourself can be when you are abroad and navigating unfamiliar territory.

She advises to attach yourself to successful people, people in your field who are doing what you want to do. Find that super star and go meet them and connect with them. When considering a mentor, know first what you want to achieve through the mentor relationship and identify your learning needs. Needless to say, a great mentor or coach will help you elevate and advance your career.

What I got out of it: Be bold when approaching the leaders in your industry. Connect with them, talk to them and learn from them. If you ask for mentoring from your industry idol, you will most likely get it. To remain relevant and to continue being successful in your global life you must pursue consistent and ongoing learning.

Holy smokes, there is some knowledge on this page for sure! After the summit, I’m looking forward to connecting with the speakers on a few of my favorite social media platforms. If something they said jumped out at you, seek them out, they could become your mentor!  See you tomorrow for day 4!

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