How to Land a Remote Job: Part 1

how to land a remote job

How to Land a Remote Job

Part 1: life before remote life

My obsession with landing a remote job is far-reaching, and 4 years in the making. I originally came across this mystical work-from-anywhere- lifestyle through travel blogs. Right around the time I started my own blog in 2013, I was deep in the travel blogging underworld, absorbing everything I could about the traveler’s lifestyle and trying to figure out how to get paid to travel while surfing with Leather Back turtles and sipping Mai Tai’s .

That illusion didn’t really pan out (but I have done loads of traveling since the inception of this blog AND I’ve gotten paid for my writing. But more on my triumphs in parts 2 & 3). I wanted to be a travel writer or at least have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world I wanted, making decent money doing something I enjoyed.

With that vague notion in mind…

I dedicated many hours of my life to online research, connecting with the people who were doing what I wanted to be doing, living the life that I wanted to be living. I found myself in many a sketchy FB group promising thousands in returns, “with just a small $5k investment, you can automate this system and watch the bucks roll in from your hammock in…(exotic location).”

But I also connected with some really inspiring people offering valuable –and free–information and support. I call this the Screw the 9-5 Movement, as many of the groups I was a part of then bolstered the same sentiment of: Screw the Cubical! Ditch your 9-5! Location Independence! Digital Nomad! Laptop Living!

And I totally drank the kool-aid. 

I took advantage of the free trainings and all the printable worksheets promising to help me outline my roadmap to freedom. I eventually chose my direction and invested in the Secret Bloggers Business, a blogging course teaching the ropes of setting up a successful blog and connecting with your ideal reader. I also invested in an online CSS & HTML course from Skillcrush, knowing that learning code couldn’t hurt my efforts and would look great on my resume.

I invested in myself

This was the beginning of getting serious about focusing my effort towards working online.


So now you may be thinking, ” Gee, thanks for the backstory, but how the hell do I find a remote job?!” And I’ll tell you this: There is a surplus of sites promising to connect you to companies hiring remote workers– some are good, few are great, most are spammy and sell your email address.

But don’t fret! Keep reading to learn my most trusted sites for remote work job searching– I even found my current remote job on one of them!


Top 5 online Resources to Land the Remote Job of your Dreams!


  • Skillcrush and PowerToFLy are female fronted and tech-focused. Not only can you learn some new skills, but they are putting out informative and fresh info while sharing the best openings for tech and remote positions.
  • And Co’s the Gig List boasts interesting freelance gigs for creatives, many of which are remote. Served with a side of snark.
  • The Muse allows you to search by location, job type, and they have an entire Remote Work section! Their blog is worth bookmarking, too.
  • FlexJobs isn’t fancy looking, but you can take curated tests to add skills to your onsite resume as well as receive job notifications to your inbox. You can search but you do need to pay to apply to jobs. I waited for a Black Friday deal and paid $25 for an entire year, not too bad.
  • Ok, technically this is the 6th online resource, but I’m sure you won’t mind. AngelList is my FAVORITE place to scope out the hottest remote and in-person Startup gigs. Create your resume, connect with and follow businesses, and land the remote job of your dreams– AngelList is the platform I used to land my kick-ass remote job, and I still browse it from time to time just for fun!



  • If you are feeling the call for more freedom in your work life, it doesn’t hurt to start looking at the above resources to get an idea of what’s out there– you may come across a remote position you didn’t know you were perfect for!
  • Align yourself (online and in-person) with like-minded remote job seekers for continued support and inspiration.
  • And don’t forget to invest in yourself to get those extra skills that will launch you towards landing a remote job that you love.

♦Next week I’ll be sharing how traveling abroad leveraged my remote job search, and I’ll disclose my personal interview horror stories. 

Have you landed a remote job, or have a great remote job resource we need to know about?? Share that shiz in the comments below!












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