Working on a Portland Photo Shoot!

Hey you sexy beasts! How are you??

Yes, I have been drinking wine.

Come on, though… it gets dark at 5pm these days, and I typically allow the natural light to determine my drinking habits, so there ya go. That being said, as I left work today, it was dark and rainy and chilly, and I actually enjoyed it. I think this is the first time that the drastic western hemisphere ‘summer to winter shift’ hasn’t caused homicidal tendencies in me. I welcome the cold and the wet after surviving the blazing heat and drought of summer on the west coast this year.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t have an incredible summer filled with road trips, and seemingly endless travel and to have some heavy-yet positive business go down. That all happened. I guess I’m just enjoying the opportunity to slow down a bit, and to wear LAYERS! Scarves and hoodies! Nothing is worse than no-bra-underboob sweat and/or just having your boobs stick to you in weird ways during hot months. No more of that I say!

But I digress. My point IS that I got to kick off summer in such an epic way by helping out on a Portland wedding photo shoot. My sister was the photographer, yes, but it is still possible to pull this gig off if you aren’t related to, or sleeping with the head photographer.

Even if you have minimal photography skills you can easily find your way on set just by volunteering your able-body. You can volunteer to do an array of helpful, menial tasks and you will be rewarded with free food, good company, usually free booze, and networking from out of this world!

I rearranged furniture, ironed table clothes, played DJ to set the mood, fed snacks to a giant St. Bernard, lit candles, and took behind the scene pictures. Taking pictures of the photographer taking pictures is a great way to contribute to the experience. I took pictures with an iPhone, and was able to stay out of the way yet capturing the photographer kicking ass in their element and now she has some great behind the scene pictures of herself working.

This is a concept wedding photo shoot– a masculine indoor wedding with an outdoors feel, utilization of small spaces and attention to detail, with many vendors contributing to ‘the big day’. The Beth Olson Creative photo shoot can be seen in its published form at Green Wedding Shoes with the list of Portland vendors who also contributed to the shoot. Location shot at the stylish Jupiter Hotel, catering by Simpatica.

Below are the behind the scene pictures:








Remember to check out Green Wedding Shoes for the complete coverage of the photo shoot and the vendors list– all Portland businesses!

What do ya think? Would you work on a photo shoot purely for the experience? Let me know in the comments! xo

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