Graveyard Shift Travel’s 2015 Life & Travel Roundup!

Happy New Year readers! Yes, it is 2016, actually 3 days in so far, and already amazing things have been happening! I spent new years at the Oregon coast with friends at a very groovy beach house–hot tub included! We made large communal meals, lots of bubbly was enjoyed, sunsets and bonfires on the beach, ghosts stories shared, and that view:




It was the best way to say goodbye to an incredibly trying year and to welcome all of the amazing opportunities heading our way in 2016.

After arriving home from 3 days at the beach, I immediately headed over to my new house! After 3 months of my Houseless Experiment the stars aligned, as I was feeling the need to find permanent housing, and one of my best friends was in need of a roommate. So I moved in. Yesterday! Well, almost moved in, my bed is still in storage and Portland is experiencing a snow storm this morning so I’m kinda stuck at my new house with a bunch of left over champagne. I guess I will just ride out the storm…



And now…

some of my favorite moments from 2015

JANUARY- 2015 started out messy personally, but aside from that, I was determined to travel more this year and made a game plan for creating travel abundance in the new year. I had recently signed up for Mind My House, a house and pet sitting site which was a great way to experience my home city in a new way.

FEBRUARY- The first trip of the year was to San Francisco for a long weekend! This trip was also a Hail Mary of sorts to “save” a toxic relationship I was in. Needless to say, I had a fantastic time in the city, enjoying the unusually warm and sunny weather, hitting all the iconic spots for food and day drinking and people watching, and later spending time with friends in Oakland and a trip to the beach.



The person I was with tried their absolute hardest to have a miserable time, and I let them. Not my problem. When we returned home, I told him it was over and he was out of the house that same week.

MARCH- One of my favorite trips of the year, was a road trip through Central Mexico for 8 days during spring break (thanks tax returns!) A girlfriend and I flew into Guadalajara, rented a car and drove through some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Endless rugged, desert mountain ranges and romantic colonial cities, eventually meeting up with another friend and roadtripping through a dreamy Mexican landscape.



APRIL- I got a roommate this month to help with the house costs. He ended up being a really cool guy, kind of like the younger brother I never had, and I think we had a good run of it.

MAY- ummm… what did I do in May? I don’t remember, possibly a house sit? But I do know that the anticipation for the end of my work year was mounting, and I had some big plans for the summer!

JUNE- Work is over for the summer, gotta love school district jobs!

JULY- My sister and I went on an epic Sisters Road Trip through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, visiting Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. We also learned how to pump our own gas and discovered that it is always worth it to upgrade to the convertible. We also meet up with friends in Las Vegas to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. And meet Mike Tyson.


AUGUST- My daughter and I went to Idaho for a week to visit her grandparents. They live in the pan handle, about 40 minutes south of Canada, in incredibly wild and beautiful wilderness. We spent time at the lake house on Priest Lake visiting with family, hiked through ancient cedar forests, and  found a tree that grows shoes! I haven’t written a post for this trip yet (yikes!) but it is coming soon.



SEPTEMBER- I decide to put in my 30 day notice at the house I had been living in for 3 years. There were a lot of factors for wanting to move, but the biggest one being that this is the house where I felt the most unhappy in my life, and I wanted to move on and start fresh with my daughter in a new place together. Over the course of a month I sold most of my belongings and gave away the rest. I downsized from a three bedroom, 2 car garage to a 5×13 storage space. It felt really good to get rid of so many things that were weighing me down.



OCTOBER- NOVEMBER- The Houseless Experiment began. From October-Decemeber, I house sat and stayed with friends and at my parent’s house all without a permanent address.

DECEMBER- I turned 34 years old!  I contemplated a lot, regarding what my next step was in life, honestly. I’ve been feeling completely catatonic at work because it does not make me happy, it is NOT what I want to be doing. The housing and rental market in Portland is atrocious, insanely expensive and cut throat competitive. I did have my name on a wait list for an apartment and I was contacted, but I turned it down. I knew that if I took that apartment I would then be stuck at my job, and nothing would ever change. So I said YES to moving in with my friend and I said YES to a huge move in the summer of 2016… ITALY!




My daughter and I will be moving to Italy for a year in July to explore, try out a year of world-schooling, and live the life we have imagined! I will be posting about our upcoming travels soon, and what we are doing to prepare for a year of house sitting, travel, and home/world-schooling.

2015 proved to be bountiful in travel and new experiences, and challenged me to pick myself back up (but not without the help of my friends and family) after hitting emotional rock bottom . I started evaluating my current situation and decided that it would never change for the better unless I started demanding more from my life.

I hope you all have had some time to reflect on this past year and give yourself a high five for kicking-ass and getting through those difficult times. I hope you are already planning your travels for this new year, and are bravely saying YES to life!

Share your greatest (big or small) accomplishment of 2015 in the comments below!  xoxo



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  1. Wow, sounds like 2015 was a really transformative year for you! I like how you broke it down month by month, it’s so insightful to reflect on our paths in this way to take stock of the overall arc of our lives, isn’t it? Italy sounds like an incredible adventure to be embarking on. Wishing you an excellent 2016!

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