Day 4 in Zagreb, Croatia

Today is January 4th, 2017. Day 4 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January.

So remember how yesterday I said that we didn’t do much?.. Well, today beats yesterday by a landslide. We stayed in our cozy Airbnb almost all day and we didn’t go outside until after 5pm! P was working on homework, and I was engaged in my relentless search for remote work; fine-tuning cover letters and sending out resumes, filling out online profiles and answering essay questions. More than one job I am applying for requires a short video cover letter, which means it’s shower day tomorrow!

Our Airbnb host made us lunch today and we sat and chatted around the small kitchen table. She made us traditional Turkish coffee earlier in the day when we first ventured out of our room. She loves dogs and does yoga, and smokes delicate little hand rolled cigarettes.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to take an HTML & CSS course via Skillcrush whenever it became available… I got an email today letting me know the course was available, and starting January 9th. Boom. I signed up immediately and I can’t wait to add these skills to the resume. I have no doubt that these skills are an investment I won’t regret.

After P’s school session this evening we went outside in search of dinner and we didn’t have to walk very far to find a holiday market blasting dance music and serving BURRITOS?! Yes, we found burritos in Croatia. Not bad, but really just a tortilla filled with pulled pork and about 3 or 4 beans. I miss you, salsa.

After dinner I sat down and booked our next Airbnb in Sarajevo. An entire apartment for one week costs the same as that dumb hotel in Munich I had to stay at because SOMEONE missed their bus. It was me. I missed my bus.

Happy Hump Day from Zagreb, I hope you are still doing well with your resolutions and goals… I mean you should, right?? It’s only January 4th, people!

If you missed yesterday’s post you can read it here. xo

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