Creating Travel Abundance this New Year

Good Monday to you, fine readers, I hope you had the most excellent of weekends!! {It’s now currently Wednesday Feb, 11th at 5:30am. I have coffee brewing and I’m making some final changes to the post. But let’s pretend it’s still Monday…}

Ok. hold up. What’s going on? Why am I so chipper on this soggy Portland Monday? Well, allow me to share with you a bit of information. Firstly, have you noticed that as soon as January hits, and all through its long 31 days, people are talking about their resolutions, goals, and kick-ass stuff they have planned for the new year? By now, a lot of us have given up on our early morning workouts or the promises we made to ourselves about finally getting organized.

Here is the good news: January is a beta-testing month. Yeah, it totally is. So all the plans of success and glory you made for yourself on January 1st, well that was just the trial period. We can now finish off February knowing that THIS is the month that actually counts, putting all of our useful “data collecting” to good use. So go find your discarded yoga mat and purge your closets, people! I’m right there with ya!

Fly like an eagle. Photo source here

Now that we have played time wizard and have established new order to our calendars, the second exciting bit of information I wanted to share with you is my travel agenda for 2015! I have never had a travel agenda before, and that’s why I’m pretty tickled about it.

I follow a lot of different types of blogs, and one thing that every blogger did was share their goals and travel plans for 2015. I was reading about hundreds of different awesome plans these people had, and I slowly felt this yucky feeling creeping in. Why don’t I have any travel plans for 2015? I have a travel blog for god’s sake! I can’t believe these people get to go and travel and I can’t! And on and on… I was throwing quite a tantrum as I grumpily browsed airline websites searching for cheap tickets. And there it was, like a big beautiful slap in the face- San Francisco one way $49. I immediately bought two round trip tickets.

We are actually leaving for San Francisco THIS Saturday and we will be in the bay area from February 14-16, staying one night at Hosteling International’s downtown location, and one night with friends in Oakland.

After purchasing those tickets, I noticed a momentum starting to build, and everywhere I turned the opportunity to travel was jumping out at me, so I’m grabbing on and not letting go! I have created this visual list so that: my intentions for an abundance of travel in 2015 are ever-present; I know when and where I’m going, and can save money accordingly; It’s really fun!

Golden Gate Bridge. Photo source here

February 14-16: San Francisco 

I know we already talked about this trip, but I can’t contain my excitement that we actually get to “jet away” for a long weekend to San Francisco, and that it is so inexpensive to do so! I’m looking forward to burritos, beaches, murals, and random discoveries while meandering through iconic neighborhoods. Do you have a long weekend coming up? Why don’t you and a plus one catch a cheap flight to a near by city and do the weekend right? You don’t gotta leave your time zone to create travel memories.

March 21-28: Mexico

Market, San Miguel de Allende. Photo source here

I knew I wanted this trip to happen ever since my friend relocated to central Mexico from New York several months ago. I was hoping that my tax returns would be big enough to cover a plane ticket and accommodations for a week. Not the best way to plan a trip, but tax returns proved to be ample enough and I am buying my plane ticket this week! I will be traveling with another friend and we plan to rent a car-which is actually really affordable- meet up with our friend, and road trip it around Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, and Queretero.

June 20: Last day of work keep-calm-it-s-your-last-day-of-work

As some of you know already, I work for the school district here in Portland, and I’m fortunate to have a job that has the same schedule as my 2nd grader. She has winter break, I have winter break. She has spring break, I have spring break. And we both get two months off in the summer! I chose to have a percentage of each paycheck withheld every month, so when summer rolls around, I still receive the same payday during the two months I’m not working.

July 16-23: Las Vegas, baby! and Utah

Las Vegas. Photo source here
Looking North from Angels Landing
Zion National Park. Photo source here

 A large group of us is getting together to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday, in Vegas! It’s going to be four days of awesomely weird Vegas inspired activities on and off the strip. We plan on visiting the Hoover Dam and doing some day tripping around the desert, then heading back to Sin City for evening debauchery. When everyone else heads home on the 19th, my sister and I plan on staying for a few more days, renting a car, and driving to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Some spectacular nature, some sister bonding… what more could you ask for?

August {tbd}: Idaho, Canada, Montana   

Bitterroot Mountain Range. Photo source here

Every summer my daughter spends a good amount of time in the Idaho panhandle, approximately two hours from the Canadian border, visiting grandparents. This year I invited myself along because it’s some of the most beautiful country in the U.S… and they have a lake house. With boating, fishing, hiking, bear and moose sightings, can you blame me for wanting another visit? Once there, I’m hoping to convince some of the family to take a trip up North to explore some of Alberta’s back country for a a day or two, and because Montana is just so close, I want to take a quick road trip with the kiddo to check out Kalispell, Flathead Lake, and Missoula.

A few of these places I have been to before, but so much time has passed it will feel brand new. I am traveling more this year than I have in the last few years, and the excitement is growing day by day. I look forward to exploring my beautiful country, and making some great memories with the people I love here at home and abroad.

If you have any tips or advice on traveling to the above places, please share! If travel is important in your life, I hope that you make it a priority… and that can mean a day trip to the coast, or a weekend road trip with your bff. Go, see, explore my friends! Share your travel plans in the comments, xoxo


8 thoughts on “Creating Travel Abundance this New Year

  1. OH MAN! When you go to San Fransisco be sure to check out The Buena Vista for their famous Irish Coffee! If you can manage to squeeze in, sit at the bar where you can watch them make batches of drinks with lots of grandeur!

  2. OH MAN! While you’re in San Fransisco this weekend you should check out The Buena Vista for their Irish Coffee (it’s kinda spendy but the whole experience is pretty damn cool). If you can manage to squeeze in, belly up to the center of the bar so you can watch them make batches of drinks with flourish!

  3. I once had an amazing experience at a place in SF simply named the “Saloon”. Their claim is they were established in 1861. Yes, you read the century correct. A couple of bar flies there may even resemble 1861 but the bar character and music were unbeatable.

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