The Cold Makes You Feel Alive, In A Dying Sort Of Way

Today is January 8th, 2017, Day 8 of my self-inflicted 31 days of posting in January.

Today, we ventured out into The Old Town… but not before 1pm. We slept in and needed it. Kind of crappy transportation can make you tired and sore, especially 9 hours of it. The heating in our apartment didn’t turn on in the morning and I finally decided to text our host and he was on it asap. There was a malfunction, due to the insane amount of cold and snow, but it was fixed quickly… but not before my deliciously hot shower turned freezing cold in 5 minutes.

And that is life in a cold climate. I may have pirate swore at the shower momentarily, but it was a good reminder of all the hot showers I have had in my life, and how not having hot water exactly when I want it is not an affront to my freedom. Shit got fixed and later I took a long, hot bath and all was well in the world.

Ottoman rule – Austro Hungarian rule – The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes and Yugoslavia. Throw in a couple World Wars and a Civil War, and that is the most broken down cliff note on a very complex region of the world. I won’t deny that I have always been intrigued by the turbulent history of the former Yugoslavia, just as I have been with the partition of Ireland. We will indeed visit museums while here, in Sarajevo. I believe the most important contribution a person can make to a place that has experienced war (isn’t that most every place?) is to acknowledge its history and struggles.


We walked down the hill from our apartment and crossed the humble River Miljacka, frozen in some parts, but continually in motion. 15 minutes had past by then and we were ready to die. We needed more coverage quick. Although ALL my layers consisted of: socks, shoes, underwear, long johns, sweat pants, bra, shirt, flannel, hoodie, jacket, scarf, beanie; and Penelope nearly the same, we had no hand coverage. We bought gloves, and honestly I felt 50% better. We grabbed a hot drink at a little cafe, but we drank fast and left quick because of the trio of women chain smoking next to us. We came across a cozy little restaurant, roughly translated to Mama’s Kitchen, and enjoyed a hardy, traditional meal.


We picked up a few items from the grocery store, and stopped off at Sebilj Fountain, where one should drink from said fountain to ensure a return to the city one day (hopefully in summer). Kinda like that fountain in Rome I haven’t visited yet. img_20170108_170732988-01


The walk back up the snowy hill left our lungs lined with ice. Immediately the layers came off, the heaters turned up and the blankets piled on.

At this very moment it is -16C.

If you missed yesterday’s post you can read it here. xo

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