Chapped Lips and Cold Hands

Today is January 6th, 2017. Day 5 & 6 of my self-inflicted 30 days of posting in January.

Now, days 5 + 6 are combined because, honest to goodness!! I wasn’t able to log into my website yesterday. In fact, I was just getting the spinning beach ball of death.Weird. I know. Anyhow, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

On the 5th, it was so incredibly windy and cold, even the beginnings of a snow storm didn’t stick around for very long.

It’s too damn cold!

We finally made it to the veg/vegan cafe Zrno Bio Bistro, and it was superb, and most of the ingredients for all of the food comes from a farm just 50 miles outside of the city. We walked by a stationary store on our way home and I couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for paper products and fine point pens, so we entered and I was expecting to see all of the various and glorious bindings and sizes of journals, and a million different pen colors and stationary sets… but no. I wandered past shelves filled with sad little hardback notebooks, most of them with soccer team logos or cuddling kittens splashed across the front. We left with a few 0.7 point pens in blue and black, and by some miracle I found a few journals without any adornment hiding out on a forgotten shelf in the back.

January 6th, I came across the very cool website/app today, GPSMyCity while searching for self-guided walks around the city. We braved the bitter, winter wind in hopes of seeing at least a few memorable landmarks before leaving Zagreb tomorrow. We followed the walking map up a hill, passing frozen patches of snow, our hands burning from the cold. Penelope’s hair literally froze. It was still damp from her shower this morning and then it turned into icicles.

We saw many national treasures in The Upper Town, like Saint Mark’s Square (Trg svetog Marka)


and The Strossmayer Promenade where we got a good view of the city and wandering upon a little holiday market still going strong, selling hot wine (of course) and sausages, accompanied by a row of yurts, opposite the vendors’ booths, decked out with heaters, blankets, tables and chairs. It’s an Epiphany Miracle! (apparently the holiday being celebrated today).


After P was finished with her online class, we went just down the block to a pizzeria– because we obviously didn’t eat enough pizza in Florence, and we came back to the Airbnb and we watched an original Twilight Zone (Time Enough At Last) one of the very first episodes I remember watching as a kid, and to top it off we watched an I Love Lucy episode. I’m feeling nostalgic I think, but for entirely random things.

We catch a bus to Sarajevo tomorrow, 8.5 hours south of Zagreb. Then begins a very drastic and new part of our travels.

If you missed “yesterday’s” post, you can read it here. xo

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  1. The pix you have posted are so clear and beautiful! I want to jump into one of them and be in that very spot! Drinking hot wine and dining on the cuisine! Thank you so much for sharing your travels through the photo you post. Keep warm and healthy.

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