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Graveyard Shift Travel’s 2015 Life & Travel Roundup!

Happy New Year readers! Yes, it is 2016, actually 3 days in so far, and already amazing things have been happening! I spent new years at the Oregon coast with friends at a very groovy beach house–hot tub included! We made large communal meals, lots of bubbly was enjoyed, sunsets and bonfires on the beach, […]

Best Week Ever: Holiday Events You Can’t Miss

Ho-Ho-Holy Sh*t. It’s December. Hello dear readers, and welcome to Best Week Ever 2.0 Holiday Events You Can’t Miss! Has the above oh-sh*t been running through your heads recently like it has mine?? Because my birthday is Deceber 1st {holla’ to my Sagittarius readers} this wintery wonderland of a month seemed to come at me […]

Best Week Ever: No.1

Welcome to Best Week Ever, a weekly look at travel inspiration in and around my town, your town, and wherever we call home. As some of you may have noticed, my Houseless Experiment: Weekly Roundup updates have ceased to be, as of late. This is so, due to some recent decisions that have altered the […]

Working on a Portland Photo Shoot!

Hey you sexy beasts! How are you?? Yes, I have been drinking wine. Come on, though… it gets dark at 5pm these days, and I typically allow the natural light to determine my drinking habits, so there ya go. That being said, as I left work today, it was dark and rainy and chilly, and […]

The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Roundup 6.0

Welcome to the Houseless Experiment week 6! I’m feelin’ the burn, baby! I wanted to recognize today as I am writing this post– it is Saturday, November 14th 2015, one day after the absurd and reckless terrorist attacks on Paris, France. I wanted to say something about that because after a full evening of watching […]

The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Round Up 5.0

Welcome to week 5 of the Houseless Experiment!! It has been 5 weeks since I sold most of my belongings, and decided to become a local nomad in my own city, while still holding down a 9-5. Brush up on the details of the Experiment here. It definitely has felt like 5 weeks, but at […]

The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Round Up 4.0

Hello my dears! It is time yet again for the Weekly Round Up: October 24th-30th. This week is kind of a big deal since tonight {as I write this} is the 30th consecutive day I have been experimenting with houselessness, so of course I’m drinking wine.     Read here if you are new to […]

The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Round Up 3.0

Weekly Round Up 3.0 Welcome readers, to the Weekly Round Up for October 17th- 23rd. The days went by in a blur, honesty, as I finished up a two week house sit in the south east neighborhood of Richmond. Saturday October 17th I enjoyed a food cart breakfast at Tidbit Food Farm and Garden thanks […]

The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Roundup 2.0

Hello lovelies! Welcome to the second weekly roundup of my local nomad adventures in Portland, Oregon. I am currently wrapping up this 2-week house sit in the Richmond neighborhood in SE Portland, and I’m going to miss being so incredibly close to all the really cool shops, boutiques, and FOOD! This week was about eating […]

The Houseless Experiment: Weekly Round Up 1.0

Welcome to the Houseless Experiment’s Weekly Roundup! This is the perfect place to stay up-to-date on my experiment, as well as my Adventures in House sitting and other highlights of nomadic living in my own city! This week is a recap of the first 10 days of my Houseless Experiment from September 30th-October 9th, and […]