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A Broke-Ass Guide To Being Broke. {Look at all the free time you have!}

Before the month of May had even started, I knew that it was going to be a very long and very broke 31 days. This month I find myself paying off two major bills along with all the regular stuff, and anything left over goes to daily sustenance and gasoline rations. This leaves little to […]

Portland restaurant review: Oven & Shaker

Recently, I was given the opportunity to write a restaurant review for Forest Heights Life Magazine a Portland neighborhood-specific monthly magazine owned and operated by a friend who is a mover and shaker in the industry. I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to this great publication, and to submit an objective piece on a downtown restaurant- a […]

Living Your Ideal Global Lifestyle 2015-5.0

WOW. Just wow. We made it you guys! Five days loaded with incredibly useful information about creating a Global Life abroad and at home, as well as a stellar list of professional connections you should reach out to on social media. I know I am going to connect with the speakers on LinkedIn! I’ve decided to leave out […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-4.0

Alright kids, this is the home stretch! Day 4 is coming at ya, with the last day of the summit tomorrow. I honestly can’t believe how quickly this awesome, week-long event has flown by, and I also can’t believe that I have stayed on track and have been able to listen, review and post each […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-3.0

We have made it to day 3 of the online Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit! My brain is brimming with information and I am noticing some reoccurring themes regarding creating a Global Life. So far the speakers have been very informative, funny, and insightful. This is good stuff, so lets do it! Day 3: […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-2.0

Ok folks, I hope you enjoyed the day 1 recap of the Summit. I’m enjoying writing these condensed versions because it allows me time to absorb the information again and now I have a place to come back to for inspiration. Remember, any time you want extra info on the Summit or the speakers, visit […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-1.0

If there is something I am  excited and passionate about, I try to surround myself with as much information and opportunities related to that beautiful shiny thing as I can. My shiny thing happens to be travel and the location-independence movement. And believe it or not, there are many travel summits and opportunities which cater […]

Why You Should House Sit In Your Own City

I know that my blog has only been active for approximately two months, but I’m already noting some changes and additions I would like to make. This is actually not a daunting task for me, 1) because I don’t have much content, 2) I can only fine-tune my message and improve from where I am […]

Visiting Oregon Wine Country

The holidays have come and gone, presents opened and all ready forgotten. Even though crowds and mass-consumerism make me queasy, I really do enjoy Christmas with all of the lights, festivities and parties. After surviving the hullabaloo building up to Christmas with many feasts and visiting relatives, the family was surprised with a gift of […]

A Thank You.

I woke up today, this first Monday of 2015, with a heavy feeling in my heart. The emotion was inexplicable and as I bustled about getting a 7 year old and myself ready, and preparing for the morning commute, the feeling became more intense. I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of inadequacy and I […]