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Remote Work Perks: what you need to succeed

In the last few posts, we covered some of the most important steps to landing the remote job of your dreams. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what YOU want and need to succeed in your remote job. What are the best remote work perks you should be looking for? News flash, it’s not […]

Top Summer Hits in Spanish

Right now you might be wondering why I would be posting the Top Summer Hits in Spanish when clearly it’s November and cold and definitely not summer.   Well, I felt the time has arrived that we need a little throwback hotness in our lives, now that the holiday season is upon us and the […]

How to Land a Remote Job: Part 3

How to Land a Remote Job Part 3: From Nada to Nailed it!   So here we are– the third and final installation of How to Land a Remote Job! In Part 1 I touched on life before remote life and I shared the top 5 remote job sites I used in my quest to land […]

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How to Land a Remote Job: Part 2

How to Land a Remote Job Part 2: Travel & Tribulations If you’re reading this post, you probably have some interest in knowing more about working remotely (pants optional), and finding out how the hell to even make this job possibility a reality. In Part 1 of How to Land a Remote Job, I talked […]

how to land a remote job

How to Land a Remote Job: Part 1

How to Land a Remote Job Part 1: life before remote life My obsession with landing a remote job is far-reaching, and 4 years in the making. I originally came across this mystical work-from-anywhere- lifestyle through travel blogs. Right around the time I started my own blog in 2013, I was deep in the travel […]

A Digital Nomad’s Digital Bible

Earlier this year (2017) I was asked by AND CO to contribute to their ambitious digital project: a digital nomad’s digital bible, aptly called ANYWHERE. I wrote the last chapter, How to Be a Student of the World.       About the book ANYWHERE is written for freelancers, solopreneurs and remote workers who are drawn to […]

Home is.

I’ve recently returned state-side after a year of traveling abroad… and I feel restless. Needy. Nostalgic. I realize that I haven’t written a blog post in 8 months (!!!) and that’s changing now. Like, right. now. I believe I stopped writing when our travels took us to Bosnia+ Herzegovina. It was a wickedly cold and […]

10 Best Free Travel Apps

Let’s face it– there are a million travel apps available out there today and some are great, while others just take up space on your smartphone. recently contacted me about re-posting their 10 Best Free Travel Apps article and after looking at the list and realizing that I actively use #9, #7, #1 and […]

A Portland Staycation: River’s Edge Hotel and Spa

For those of us who call Portland home, we can sometimes take for granted the bounty which is available in our own backyard. We can forget the reasons why so many people visit the city over and over again. It’s a city with big heart– loyal sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts, beer lovers, and a thriving […]

Guest Post with Gloria Coppola: Natural healing and travel

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Gloria Coppola, a wellness educator, entrepreneur, and spiritual solo traveler. In today’s guest post, she shares how her work influences her travel style. Read below for the full scoop!  Hi Gloria! Why don’t you introduce yourself + tell us where you call home. What type of work/endeavors […]