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Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 2

What is UP, second week of January?! I’m knee-deep in week 2 of 6 of the Eat to Live cleanse: vegan, no oil, no salt, no booze. WTF. I’m feeling fundamentally better internally and I’m cooking almost every meal at home–perfect for saving money and this allows me to comfortably stay in my hobbit hole […]

Remote Round Up: Tools, Tech, Remote Jobs Week 1

Hello, 2018!! Nothing excites me more than the hope and possibilities that bubble around New Year. I love sitting down and journaling out the goals I want to accomplish– reading more female authors, kick-starting my health routine, and creating a magical morning ritual to name a few! The New Year means I’m resetting the Remote […]

week 2 round up

Week 2 Round Up: Tools, Tech, and Remote Jobs

Hi Y’all! Last week and this coming week equal BUSY and fun– I flew out to Nashville for my Birthday the first weekend in December (yeehaw!) and I’m preparing to travel to Austin for work next week (more yeehaw!) mixed in with a birthday spa date, dog sitting and preparing to send the kid off […]

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Week 1 Round Up: Tools, Tech, and Remote Jobs

Happy Sunday!  So, I may have mentioned before that I’ve been wanting to share a Weekly Round Up of juicy remote job intel with y’all. A quick read with links to some of the most interesting and relevant info to help you in your journey towards landing a remote job! Tools, technology, companies hiring for remote […]

wifi love story

Staying Connected: A WiFi Love Story

As a remote worker, there’s nothing more simple and pure than the love for a strong WiFi signal. Afterall, this is how work gets done, video conferences attended, and emails sent to clients and colleagues across the globe. When there’s WiFi insecurity– power outages; no signal on the 6-hour train or bus ride when there’s supposed to […]

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Remote Work Perks: what you need to succeed

In the last few posts, we covered some of the most important steps to landing the remote job of your dreams. Now, it’s time to start thinking about what YOU want and need to succeed in your remote job. What are the best remote work perks you should be looking for? News flash, it’s not […]

Top Summer Hits in Spanish

Right now you might be wondering why I would be posting the Top Summer Hits in Spanish when clearly it’s November and cold and definitely not summer.   Well, I felt the time has arrived that we need a little throwback hotness in our lives, now that the holiday season is upon us and the […]

How to Land a Remote Job: Part 3

How to Land a Remote Job Part 3: From Nada to Nailed it!   So here we are– the third and final installation of How to Land a Remote Job! In Part 1 I touched on life before remote life and I shared the top 5 remote job sites I used in my quest to land […]

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How to Land a Remote Job: Part 2

How to Land a Remote Job Part 2: Travel & Tribulations If you’re reading this post, you probably have some interest in knowing more about working remotely (pants optional), and finding out how the hell to even make this job possibility a reality. In Part 1 of How to Land a Remote Job, I talked […]

how to land a remote job

How to Land a Remote Job: Part 1

How to Land a Remote Job Part 1: life before remote life My obsession with landing a remote job is far-reaching, and 4 years in the making. I originally came across this mystical work-from-anywhere- lifestyle through travel blogs. Right around the time I started my own blog in 2013, I was deep in the travel […]