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America The Beautiful Day 1: Zion National Park

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is more than half over, and that I have been writing this blog for almost a year! Although posts have been more sporadic than I like, I continue to write and share this digital diary in hopes that it may inspire you to get out and explore locally or […]

Lava Lands & Open Roads: Camping in Central Oregon

Growing up, my family would take several trips a year to central Oregon’s high desert. We would stroll down the streets of the western themed town of Sisters, rent a house in the laid back resort of Sun River, or spend several days at Black Butte Ranch. Heading a little further south, and many a […]

The “who really needs another guide?” Guide to San Francisco

There are a lot of Best Of Guides and Top 10 lists floating around out there for nearly every major city imaginable around the world. San Francisco is no different. In fact, It has to be one of the most popular extended-weekend destinations for anyone living on the west coast. When I first posted about Creating Travel Abundance in 2015, […]

Why You Should House Sit In Your Own City

I know that my blog has only been active for approximately two months, but I’m already noting some changes and additions I would like to make. This is actually not a daunting task for me, 1) because I don’t have much content, 2) I can only fine-tune my message and improve from where I am […]

Visiting Oregon Wine Country

The holidays have come and gone, presents opened and all ready forgotten. Even though crowds and mass-consumerism make me queasy, I really do enjoy Christmas with all of the lights, festivities and parties. After surviving the hullabaloo building up to Christmas with many feasts and visiting relatives, the family was surprised with a gift of […]

Estate Sales & Antique Malls

I would first like to say: Happy 2015 dear readers! Wow, 2014 really was a crazy year filled with extremes, for sure. As I go through my Word Press reader, which allows me to easily see all the newest blog posts from the many travel bloggers I follow, I am left in awe of the […]

A Birthday Feast for the Eyes

December 1st has come and gone, yet what do we really know about this noblest of days? It is the gateway day to all other holidays occurring this month, with out the 1st, you have no other days. Also, it’s my birthday! After some snooping, I found that several noteworthy events also happened on this […]

Graveyards: a popular travel destination?

What is it about graveyards that intrigue us so much? Is it the idea of walking among the dead? Or perhaps it gives us time to reflect on our own mortality, an afterlife, reincarnation… For whatever reason, I thoroughly enjoy visiting graveyards when I travel. I guess it allows me to imagine the stories of […]