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Curing Your Northwest Winter Blues

Curing your Northwest Winter Blues is the second post in our Portland Bloggers Roundtable series… and after gathering last month under dark skies and around toasty beverages, we decided to offer some activity suggestions for people suffering from the Northwest Winter Blues. I miraculously have not been affected this year by the weather, I’ve actually found […]

Working on a Portland Photo Shoot!

Hey you sexy beasts! How are you?? Yes, I have been drinking wine. Come on, though… it gets dark at 5pm these days, and I typically allow the natural light to determine my drinking habits, so there ya go. That being said, as I left work today, it was dark and rainy and chilly, and […]

Las Vegas: The Quick & Dirty

WOW. Talk about building up the suspense for this last post about my sisters summer road trip I took in July. My apologies! But just for that wait, I will share 5  tips that got me out of Sin City alive… After leaving Bryce Canyon before sunrise, we hauled ass back across 3 states to make […]

America The Beautiful Day 4: Bryce Canyon

Our last full day and night on our sister road trip began with catching the shuttle bus from Bryce Canyon City to Bryce Canyon National Park, approximately a 20 minute drive. Our driver chatted with passengers and shared with us that this is her summer job, she is actually the town’s P.E. teacher and school […]

America The Beautiful Day 3: The Grand Staircase

Our third day exploring the canyons had us driving through breathtaking scenery, and we couldn’t help but feel in awe, if not insignificantly small, as we experienced millions of years of geological evolution before our very eyes… Grand Staircase- Escalante Driving through Red Canyon to reach our destination for the next two days, was no […]

America The Beautiful Day 2: Zion National Park

**WARING** Majorly inspiring and bad-ass photo overload below, thanks to Beth Olson Creative. At 6am we collected ourselves and hiking gear as best we could in the glow of our cellphones and headed back to Zion, where, on this day, we planned to hike The Narrows, the narrowest section of Zion. This gorge/slot canyon guards […]

America The Beautiful Day 1: Zion National Park

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is more than half over, and that I have been writing this blog for almost a year! Although posts have been more sporadic than I like, I continue to write and share this digital diary in hopes that it may inspire you to get out and explore locally or […]

Lava Lands & Open Roads: Camping in Central Oregon

Growing up, my family would take several trips a year to central Oregon’s high desert. We would stroll down the streets of the western themed town of Sisters, rent a house in the laid back resort of Sun River, or spend several days at Black Butte Ranch. Heading a little further south, and many a […]

The “who really needs another guide?” Guide to San Francisco

There are a lot of Best Of Guides and Top 10 lists floating around out there for nearly every major city imaginable around the world. San Francisco is no different. In fact, It has to be one of the most popular extended-weekend destinations for anyone living on the west coast. When I first posted about Creating Travel Abundance in 2015, […]

Magical Mexico Road Trip pt. 3

Below is the final part in the Magical Mexico road trip series. There is nothing more satisfying than reliving your travel adventures over again, remembering small details that accumulate to make up your experience as a whole while on the road. We departed from San Miguel de Allende early enough to make a few stops before […]