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Flash Memoir: Enough is Enough

This is the first post for Flash Memoir & Flash Fiction, short stories that will be featured on the blog showcasing the power of storytelling. Stay tuned for guest post opportunities, slightly inappropriate themes, and getting turned on by words!   “He hit me in the face… and he broke my nose. That didn’t hurt […]

How to Afford (and Survive) London with a kid

How to Afford (and Survive) London with a Kid: We arrived to London by train on a Friday morning and so began our weekend adventure in one of the most expensive cities in the world. We are slow traveling and volunteering with Workaway during this year abroad, however, as we navigate our world tour, the […]

It’s ok to feel like crap even when things are awesome

Some deep AF thoughts The Japanese word Komorebi refers to ‘the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees’. How great is that?! There are loads of other words like this that don’t exist in the English language; words that give meaning to something meaningful–something that is prevalent and exists for many people, so much so […]

The Inglorious Return to Blogging

Hello. Yikes. A lot of time sure has passed since I last sent word or update regarding our year of travel. Fear not, below is all you have been patiently waiting for… my return to blogging! We began this journey– this year of travel, almost 2 months ago. We find ourselves currently in a rural […]

A Portland Staycation: River’s Edge Hotel and Spa

For those of us who call Portland home, we can sometimes take for granted the bounty which is available in our own backyard. We can forget the reasons why so many people visit the city over and over again. It’s a city with big heart– loyal sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts, beer lovers, and a thriving […]

Guest Post with Gloria Coppola: Natural healing and travel

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Gloria Coppola, a wellness educator, entrepreneur, and spiritual solo traveler. In today’s guest post, she shares how her work influences her travel style. Read below for the full scoop!  Hi Gloria! Why don’t you introduce yourself + tell us where you call home. What type of work/endeavors […]

Guest Post: Part-time Expat Louise Sportelli

I had the pleasure of connecting with Louise Sportelli– a coaching and training pro working with individuals and businesses all over the U.S., and who lives as a part-time expat in Italy. We take a closer look at how technology has allowed for more flexibility in her work, and how she personally enjoys La Dolce […]

Guest Post with Entrepreneur Daijie Huang

Recently I spoke with Daijie Huang- a world traveler, mother, and entrepreneur. In the midst of launching a new travel app, Daijie has taken some time out to speak with me about her travel story and the importance of cultivating curiosity in her daughter.   Hi Daijie! Why don’t you introduce yourself + tell us […]

How to Springbreak Seattle

Spring time in the Northwest still consist of layers, gortex, and, well… rain. Last year during Spring Break, I ran off to central Mexico with 2 friends for an epic week-long road trip through the highlands. But this year, I stayed local and visited my friend (1/3 of the Mexico road trip crew) up in […]

5 Ways To Enjoy Portland Like a Local

March Madness is upon us, and whether that means sports, spring break, or sanitizing your home top-to-bottom, Portland Bloggers Roundtable has joined forces yet again to bring you a curated list of our favorite Portlandy things that visitors and locals alike should be partaking in, like right now. Enjoy! Happy Hour Portland is a shining […]