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The 13 Days of Yule Lads: the super late addition

Ok folks, let’s not beat around the bush. I totally wet the bed on my grand idea of introducing a Yule Lad on the 13 days leading up to Christmas. {I did introduce the first two Yule Lads here and here, so don’t forget to read the first two posts!} But then I just disappeared! […]

The 13 Days of Yule Lads: Giljagaur

Welcome to day two of the 13 days of Yule Lads! Things are just heating up in here and the Yule Lads only get creepier as the days pass. If you missed yesterday’s Yule Lad, makes sure to get caught up with the posts here. Giljagaur Or as he is know to his English speaking […]

The 13 days of Yule Lads: Stekkjarstaur

Happy holidays dear readers! What ever your persuasion this time of year, I think we can all agree that reading yet another blog post about holiday shopping guides is just out of the question. Give us substance! You shout. Give us culture! You beg. And I have listened. I will be sharing with you a […]