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The Liebster Award-discover new blogs

I am currently looking for bloggers to nominate for the Liebster Award! If you or someone you know has a blog and would like to participate in answering a few  questions, get a shout-out on the internets, and connect with emerging bloggers, get at me asap! xo, Emily Here are the rules: Each nominee must […]

Portland restaurant review: Oven & Shaker

Recently, I was given the opportunity to write a restaurant review for Forest Heights Life Magazine a Portland neighborhood-specific monthly magazine owned and operated by a friend who is a mover and shaker in the industry. I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to this great publication, and to submit an objective piece on a downtown restaurant- a […]

Creating Travel Abundance this New Year

Good Monday to you, fine readers, I hope you had the most excellent of weekends!! {It’s now currently Wednesday Feb, 11th at 5:30am. I have coffee brewing and I’m making some final changes to the post. But let’s pretend it’s still Monday…} Ok. hold up. What’s going on? Why am I so chipper on this […]

Living Your Ideal Global Lifestyle 2015-5.0

WOW. Just wow. We made it you guys! Five days loaded with incredibly useful information about creating a Global Life abroad and at home, as well as a stellar list of professional connections you should reach out to on social media. I know I am going to connect with the speakers on LinkedIn! I’ve decided to leave out […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-4.0

Alright kids, this is the home stretch! Day 4 is coming at ya, with the last day of the summit tomorrow. I honestly can’t believe how quickly this awesome, week-long event has flown by, and I also can’t believe that I have stayed on track and have been able to listen, review and post each […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-3.0

We have made it to day 3 of the online Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit! My brain is brimming with information and I am noticing some reoccurring themes regarding creating a Global Life. So far the speakers have been very informative, funny, and insightful. This is good stuff, so lets do it! Day 3: […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-2.0

Ok folks, I hope you enjoyed the day 1 recap of the Summit. I’m enjoying writing these condensed versions because it allows me time to absorb the information again and now I have a place to come back to for inspiration. Remember, any time you want extra info on the Summit or the speakers, visit […]

Living Your Ideal Global Life Summit 2015-1.0

If there is something I am  excited and passionate about, I try to surround myself with as much information and opportunities related to that beautiful shiny thing as I can. My shiny thing happens to be travel and the location-independence movement. And believe it or not, there are many travel summits and opportunities which cater […]

A Thank You.

I woke up today, this first Monday of 2015, with a heavy feeling in my heart. The emotion was inexplicable and as I bustled about getting a 7 year old and myself ready, and preparing for the morning commute, the feeling became more intense. I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of inadequacy and I […]