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Guest Post: Part-time Expat Louise Sportelli

I had the pleasure of connecting with Louise Sportelli– a coaching and training pro working with individuals and businesses all over the U.S., and who lives as a part-time expat in Italy. We take a closer look at how technology has allowed for more flexibility in her work, and how she personally enjoys La Dolce […]

Guest Post with Entrepreneur Daijie Huang

Recently I spoke with Daijie Huang- a world traveler, mother, and entrepreneur. In the midst of launching a new travel app, Daijie has taken some time out to speak with me about her travel story and the importance of cultivating curiosity in her daughter.   Hi Daijie! Why don’t you introduce yourself + tell us […]

5 Must Do’s Before Moving Abroad

Over the past few weeks, I have been slowly putting together this list of 5 Must Do’s Before Moving Abroad, as a helpful list for others, but also as a way to help me prioritize my many tasks in preparation for a year long trip abroad. Keep in mind, that I have moved abroad before. […]

Curing Your Northwest Winter Blues

Curing your Northwest Winter Blues is the second post in our Portland Bloggers Roundtable series… and after gathering last month under dark skies and around toasty beverages, we decided to offer some activity suggestions for people suffering from the Northwest Winter Blues. I miraculously have not been affected this year by the weather, I’ve actually found […]

Best Week Ever: Long Work Weeks and Plane Tickets

Happy Monday, everyone! {yes, yes, I know a little late, but let’s pretend it’s Monday.} I am pleased to share with you that I have a proper day off today! No full time job, and no part time job. Just pure laziness… well except that I’m taking the kid and her friend bowling later and […]

Best Week Ever: Gratitude and Tater Tots

I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve written a Best Week Ever post, so this one will be comin’ at ya with a some life updates and some little moments filled with gratitude So, all the way back at the beginning of January, Portland received its annual “snow blizzard”. It shut […]

Graveyard Shift Travel’s 2015 Life & Travel Roundup!

Happy New Year readers! Yes, it is 2016, actually 3 days in so far, and already amazing things have been happening! I spent new years at the Oregon coast with friends at a very groovy beach house–hot tub included! We made large communal meals, lots of bubbly was enjoyed, sunsets and bonfires on the beach, […]

Working on a Portland Photo Shoot!

Hey you sexy beasts! How are you?? Yes, I have been drinking wine. Come on, though… it gets dark at 5pm these days, and I typically allow the natural light to determine my drinking habits, so there ya go. That being said, as I left work today, it was dark and rainy and chilly, and […]

Toxic People & the Arrogance of Belonging

Wow. Damn. That’s one hell of a blog post title. Forgive me, I’m just writing stream of conciseness here, although what I have to say has had plenty of time to marinate and boil over in my mind to the point I thought I was going insane… Although I may speak more vaguely then what […]

A Broke-Ass Guide To Being Broke. {Look at all the free time you have!}

Before the month of May had even started, I knew that it was going to be a very long and very broke 31 days. This month I find myself paying off two major bills along with all the regular stuff, and anything left over goes to daily sustenance and gasoline rations. This leaves little to […]