Best Week Ever: No.1

Welcome to Best Week Ever, a weekly look at travel inspiration in and around my town, your town, and wherever we call home.

As some of you may have noticed, my Houseless Experiment: Weekly Roundup updates have ceased to be, as of late. This is so, due to some recent decisions that have altered the trajectory of the project.

Read: I want my own bed! 

So that is the shallow, quick reasoning behind deciding to end a 4 month project of selective houselessness. Soon, I will be writing a post series reflecting on the Houseless Experiment, with thoughtful consideration to the trials of living out of my car and on my friends’ floors; of working through some emotional sludge, and inviting love and creativity back into my life.

Intrigued?? I know you are. So for now, hang tight, and know that my Houseless Experiment will come to a dramatic end in January, with me MOVING into a HOUSE with one of my best friends!

Plot twist, right??

What I wanted to do with the first in the series of Best Week Ever is to touch base with everyone, recap a few community events I attended, and share some of the badass woo-woo magic that has been following me around. Also, I will introduce your first Best Week Ever Challenge!

Cosmic high-fives

This is a phrase I think I made up the other day, when awesome little reminders of something I really want, continued to pop up and surprise me. In other words, I have consciously been putting my intentions out there in the universe about this certain thing I want to have happen  { I can’t tell you about it just yet…but soon!}  and well, the universe shows me small glimpses of promise and encouragement.

Not to get all Deepak Chopra on y’all, but I’m getting some serious cosmic high-fives that lead me to believe that I am making the right choices for my life, and am heading down the path that best suites me. Freaking great right?? Once I decided to be open to “signs” as some people call them, those little bastards were jumping out at me everywhere I turned.

The universe conspires in your favor. Believe that shit.

Be good to your water

I was told the story of Dr. Emoto’s water experiment twice in one week, in two isolated conversations. The fact that this happened, tells me that I really needed to hear it. Twice. In a nut shell, Dr. Emoto wanted to prove that positive and negative words, or vibrations, can effect the crystalline structures of frozen water– thus the human body.

Wait, what?

Essentially, he performed a series of experiments observing the physical effects of words, prayers, music, and environment on the crystalline structure of water. Some water samples received ‘positive vibrations’ while the other samples of water received ‘negative vibrations’. After freezing the water and studying it under a microscope, it is plain to see that ‘positive’ water sample crystals are symmetrical, delicate, and beautiful to look at, while the ‘negative’ water sample crystals were unable to form any kind of structurally sound clusters. If the human body is made up of approximately 60% water, and we know how our thoughts and mindset directly effects our mental and physical health… remember this:

Be good to your water.

To read more about Dr. Emoto’s experiment, go here.


Travel Massive Networking Event

I recently joined the Portland Chapter of Travel Massive, a movement with international reach that, connects thousands of travel insiders to meet, learn and collaborate at free events all around the world. A global community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?


Typically, networking events are not something I would normally subject myself to, however, Travel Massive has just the right components to make a networking event intriguing. I was able to chat and have drinks with some movers and shakers in the travel startup industry right here in Portland, and connect with fellow bloggers. Over all, this event got me out of my comfort zone and face to face with interesting people in every aspect of the travel industry. Also, there was a drawing. And I won! I never win! The prize was an electronic bundle of travel hacking resources, which I haven’t looked at yet, and when I do I will share some travel hacking knowledge, promise!

Siren Nation Festival

This festival showcases the unique art being created by women throughout the Northwest, and runs approximately for a week and a half. Attendees can witness: a comedy showcase, 30+ visual artists at the art and craft fair, a night of live storytelling with a spicy theme, live music, and a full day of free workshops. I attended the workshops and sat in on a panel discussion about the variety of ways to produce and create podcasts, featuring some really talented and nerdtastic women putting out great work.

If you are in to nerd culture, pop culture, music, drinking, and board games, then give these podcasts a listen:

Elizabeth Elder and Rachel Milbauer – Party Boyz. A music podcast and zine produced in Portland, Oregon, cooking dinner with bands and overall debauchery.

Sarah Waffle – Critical Brix. Where geek meets drink. Booze and Board games!

Jeni Wren – The Gritty Bird. A producer, musician, writer, and media maven curates this local music podcast.

Meg Smitherman – The Roundup. One half of a Portland – Toronto duo discussing pop culture news, film, tv, comics, and gaming.



After grabbing a drink and walking around the art & craft fair, I finished the afternoon at the workshop Aromatherap: Essential Oils for Healthy Living, which happened to be put on by a close friend of mine. We learned about some of the therapeutic aspects of essential oils and how to incorporate them into our daily lives. It was calming and informative and we got to take home blended oil sprays! Visit  State Of Wellness if you are interested in body work or to order kick-ass body products.

Ok kiddies, this is where your Best Week Ever challenge happens:

If you are feeling down and depressed because 1) the cold-ass winter weather 2) you are srsly broke 3) you are feeling bored/uninspired 4) etc.

I challenge YOU to get out of your comfort zone and go to an event happening in your city this weekend! Are you interested in foreign languages? Square dancing? Pickling? I guarantee you there is a Meet Up for that. Join a group, network, and learn. Get off your duff and get socially uncomfortable for a second. Explore your city! And who knows, you may meet a new bff.

Are you brave enough to take on the challenge? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

P.S. The Clapper is alive and well in random convenient stores in Portland. Here is a picture.






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