Best Week Ever: Long Work Weeks and Plane Tickets

Happy Monday, everyone! {yes, yes, I know a little late, but let’s pretend it’s Monday.} I am pleased to share with you that I have a proper day off today! No full time job, and no part time job. Just pure laziness… well except that I’m taking the kid and her friend bowling later and then I have a Portland Bloggers Roundtable meeting, but that is all entertaining enough.


For the last 2 weeks, since starting my second job, I have been working 55-60 hour weeks. That is a lot, right?? The day job is business-professional, working with the public, while the weekend job is service industry, hustling and chaotic. I do enjoy the vast differences of the two, and bonus: I can cuss freely at my night job.

It is hard work though, and by the end of the night I am exhausted. The pedometer on my phone says that I walk 4-5 miles per shift.

Last night, as I was putting on a thick blue elbow-high rubber glove and fingering the clogged sink drain… I laughed out loud. Because I knew that at this point next year in February, I will be in Italy exploring and drinking wine.

{And WAAAAY before then, I will already be in Europe. In just 6 months!!}

As you recall, I am hustling hard so that I can save as much money as possible for the World Tour Penelope and I are going on starting this summer for a year.



OH YEAH! Yesterday, I bought our plane tickets. One-way (gasp!) to Dublin, Ireland.

We are participating in Workaway, an international volunteer experience, while we slow-travel our way through Europe. August in Ireland and September in Wales! Strategically planned so that we are enjoying the end of summer in 2 countries notorious for rain. Don’t worry, we will be following the sun for 2 months after that so stay tuned for our up coming destinations!


This week I was able to connect with an Oregon accredited K-12 online program that will allow Penelope to study and learn 4th grade curriculum while we are on the road. I have no doubt that living abroad for a year will have the greatest contribution to her learning experience. And we may seek out Game of Thrones / Doctor Who walking tours… in the name of education, of course!

This week’s little pleasures

*Passports coming in the mail*I am unabashedly obsessed with Justin Bieber’s song Love Yourself— hey! do NOT judge me. I’ve linked to it, so feel free to listen to it when no one is around*drinking coffee outside in the sun in FEBRUARY*catching up on past seasons of Broad City*writing blog posts in my sweatpants*this blog: Las Morenas De Espana


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