Best Week Ever: Gratitude and Tater Tots

I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve written a Best Week Ever post, so this one will be comin’ at ya with a some life updates and some little moments filled with gratitude

So, all the way back at the beginning of January, Portland received its annual “snow blizzard”. It shut down the city AND the school district aka my work, for two whole days! Normally the school sends out a text alert in situations like inclement weather, etc but on the second day as we were heading out the door, I texted my boss about running late, and she responded with the good news that the district was yet again closed. Commence sweat pants day!

Sweat pants and champs!

As most of you know, Penelope and I are planning to travel for a year starting this summer. We are hittin’ the road to travel Europe and Central America, just two wild women in the pursuit of adventure. The final decision to take this trip was made in December 2015 with our departure date at the beginning of August 2016. No much time– so focus and intent are of the utmost importance. Saving money and planning the logistics of the trip.

I work full time now, but I knew I could be using my off time to be… well, working more. So I got me a second job! Working weekends in a bar/restaurant, hustling like back in the good old days.

Accommodations for the European portion of our trip, I was hoping, would be addressed by house sitting. I am a member of three different house sitting sites, all which update worldwide house and pet sitting opportunities daily. I have found success house and pet sitting local with the sights, but on the world wide scale, there are a lot more people ‘competing’ for house sitting in Spain and Italy and other countries that are on our list to visit.

Enter: WORKAWAY. This organization connects travelers with homeowners around the world, and in exchange for 4-5 hours of help around their house/homestead/eco-farm/art studio, you are provided a private place to sleep and all your meals. Evenings and weekends are yours free to relax with the family or explore the surrounding areas. Excitedly, we have our first Workaway set to start for the month of August in Ireland!

*mini gratitude*

On a rainy Monday near the end of January, I was dropping Penelope off at her dad and his partner’s house, we got to visiting, drank some wine and I stayed for dinner. It made me incredibly grateful that I have no baby-daddy drama.

My sister celebrated her 37th birthday recently, and I made her dinner. I obsessed over Pinterest trying to find the perfect breakfast for dinner recipe, but ended up combining a few ideas and I made tostadas with all the fixins’, including cotija cheese, topped with a fried egg, and a secret layer of golden-brown, delicious Ore-Ida Crispy Crown tots. Let’s just say the tots were my own added flair, and it won the day. 13257871

Penelope’s dad and I went to some governmental building the other day and applied for a renewal of her passport. Because she is under 16,  both of us parents had to be present with identification, Penelope also had to be present, along with her expired passport, a birth certificate, new passport photos, a DS-11 application form, and about $110. The new passport should be arriving in the mail in 4-6 weeks. I am grateful that bureaucratic tasks can be addressed in a timely manor, for the most part, and that it is a simple and straightforward process to apply for and to received a little book of pages that will allow a person to travel where ever they wish to in the world.

P’s first passport picture from 8 years ago- chins on chins on chins.

I was trying to log on to check the status of my tax returns, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember my password. Instead of having to reset it, I opted to answer 2 safety questions I had apparently set up when I first joined online several years ago. Question 1) in which city where you born? Easy. Next. Question 2) who is your favorite singer? Ah, crap. No idea what I would have put 5 or 6 years ago. 2-Pac? Wrong. Biggie Smalls? Wrong. Over and over again I put in the wrong artist name. Exasperated, I stopped for a moment and looked over at the David Bowie valentine I had just printed from the blog Flock and Gabble.

No, it couldn’t be. There is no way. What if? No. That’s just too weird. But what if…

I leaned over my key board and typed in:



Hive-fives from a million angels. Thank you Star Man.





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