About Emily {that’s me!} and Graveyard Shift Travel…

At the very beginning of 2016, in fact–the very first day of the year, I decided that the surest way to address my discontent with my living situation, my job, and the general trajectory of my life was simple: Get rid of the house, sell most of my belongings, and buy 2 one-way tickets to Europe.

And I did just that.

What I was sure was an accumulation of stuff to prove I was hitting all the milestones of adult life, I found out, were the root cause of my discontent. A life less ordinary is what I’m after, and I couldn’t imagine uncovering that if I stayed put.


We will be slow-traveling and volunteering our way across the continent of Europe  until early 2017, then we will fly to Central America and continue our journey north, up the isthmus– visiting friends, more volunteering, and surfing. Lots of surfing.

Sounds amazing and a tad ridiculous, right?? I agree. But it is incredibly important, now more than ever, to foster wonder instead of fear; to explore instead of to hide.


We hope to bring you a very fresh perspective on slow travel, and what it means to be a family who travels–however you may define family.

We will be sharing the trials and triumphs of homeschooling + world schooling and international volunteering, while attempting to capture the fervent beauty of the human story and places called home.



Here’s what the first leg of our world tour looks like:

August- Ireland

September- Wales

October + November- Spain

December- Italy

January- Croatia, Bosnia+Herzegovina

February- Italy + where ever we want

March- fly to Costa Rica

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