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Hi! I’m Emily, an Oregon native, content creator, world traveler, mom, and Italian pizza purist.


I’ve recently returned from an around-the-world trip with my 10-year-old daughter, and boy, are my arms tired!

{I feel like enough time has passed that this is funny again… No? Ok.}



Our trip timeline went something like this:

January 2016 we decide to take a year-long trip which would include volunteering, online school, and slow travel. August 2016 we leave for Europe and work our way across the continent, visiting 12 countries, before leaving for Central America in March 2017. We travel our way up north, returning stateside at the very end of July 2017.





One of the most important personal motivations to take this trip was to find remote work. A job that was an accumulation of my skills, interests, and something I could do from anywhere!

Nailing the interview in Italy? CHECK

Training poolside in Costa Rica? CHECK.

Live video conferences in Mexico? YUP.



I knew that If I didn’t leave the routine of my previous life then nothing was going to change. This remote life that I now live was 4 years of manifestation-in the makin’. For years, I knew that the remote workmodel was going to be the only thing to fit my lifestyle and my personal belief that cubicles are where your soul goes to die.

The Hustle

I spent several years obsessing over this #remotelife movement, coworking spaces, following travel bloggers and startups, looking for inspiration. And in the end, I knew I wasn’t going to be fully committed to landing a remote job unless the only jobs I could look for and apply to were remote!

Now that I’m on the other side, I realize that there’s a lot of noise out there vying for a piece of that #remotelife pie. And all though I love pie, it doesn’t mean I love all pie… unless we’re talking about pizza, of course.


Now What?

I’m going to help you sift through the commotion and get connected to trusted resources for your job search. I’ll be sharing actionable tips and tricks for job interviews, insider remote life updates and trends, AND how to kick-ass as a remote worker once you’ve nailed the interview and said YES to your dream job!


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