10 Best Free Travel Apps

Let’s face it– there are a million travel apps available out there today and some are great, while others just take up space on your smartphone. BookSinglesHolidays.com recently contacted me about re-posting their 10 Best Free Travel Apps article and after looking at the list and realizing that I actively use #9, #7, #1 and I just downloaded #3, I feel that this is information worth sharing with you all. Enjoy!


10 Best Free Travel Apps that You Must Have When Traveling



Nobody likes to have a phone chock-full of unused apps, especially when traveling and you need to have all the space you can get for all your travel pics. So many times, we would download an app, use it a few times and then delete it, or worse, let it occupy precious space on our smartphone. 


When you’re traveling, you need all the help you can get. You need directions, help with the language, info about transportation, where to eat, what to visit, and the list could go on for pages. But rest assured, all the information you need is only a few taps away! BookSinglesHolidays.com has compiled a list of 10 best free travel apps that will prove to be useful throughout your globetrotting adventures.


  1. Waze


If you’re driving, then Waze is a must-have app, when traveling. It is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app that will show you all you need to know about the road you’re on. You’re getting information about the streets, real-time traffic conditions, gas stations, and you’re even seeing Waze users on the road in real-time. It’s fun, useful and free!

For iOS and Android.


  1. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is, we believe, the only air travel app you’ll ever need. It’s been voted time and time again as the best travel app and it’s free to download and use. With 50 million users a month, Skyscanner provides you with all you need to make sure you easily and quickly book the best flight for your needs. For those of you are constantly on the go, it’s truly a must-have app!

For iOS and Android.


  1. BringFido


Dog lovers, don’t think we’ve forgotten you! If you want to take man’s best friend with you on your vacation, then you will need BringFrido to let you know which places are pet-friendly. It will also tell you about where the dog attractions are, the airline pet policies, dog events, outdoor restaurants and even dog restaurants. The app is free and it’s waiting for you to download it!

For iOS.


  1. Uber


The taxi is dead, long live Uber! Uber is the best way to move when you’re on vacation. If you’re not sure about which bus to take, call yourself an Uber and be done with it. It’s just a tiny bit more costly than a taxi, but wildly more comfortable and it’s also safer. Uber is available in 76 countries and 473 cities! Download the app, it’s so simple to use it!

For iOS and Android.


  1. PackPoint Packing for Sheraton


This packing list travel companion will help you get and stay organized when traveling. It’s a great tool for those who feel overwhelmed by packing and those who love to be as organized as possible. The app itself is powered by TripIt, and the two can work together, if you want to (importing info from PackPoint into TripIt). Select the activities you’ll be doing on your vacation and PackPoint will tell you what you need! If you’re going on aphotography holiday, then PackPoint will remind you to pack your batteries and everything else you need for your trip. Just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

For iOS and Android.


  1. Lola Travel


Lola Travel is the newest app on our list and it is also the most promising one. For now, Lola Travel is a free app that requires an invitation to join. It is a personal travel service for pretty much anything you need when you’re traveling: hotels, flights, tours, etc. It connects its customers with the company’s travel consultants, which means that you’re going to have a personal travel assistant who’s going to do all the elbow grease for you. Again, it is free for now, but it plans to introduce a yearly or monthly subscription.

For iOS.


  1. TripIt


All your travel plans, in one place is the TripIt’s tagline. It’s that simple and that effective. Forward your flight email, hotel booking or calendar to the app and it will take care of the rest! It works for train rides, buses, hotels, hostels and even all of them put together. You won’t need to write down anything on a piece of paper, ever again. TripIt will do everything for you and it’s free! It’s also one of the most popular travel apps in the world, so give it a try!

For iOS and Android.


  1. Wiffinity


Wiffinity let you find and connect to over 300,000 hot spots from around the world. So, even before you arrive to your destination, you’ll have all the hot spots listed in the app, and their passwords! It’s got great coverage and you can even use the app offline, once you’ve uploaded the map for offline use. Think about it, you’re in a foreign country, you don’t speak the language and you’re looking for a Wi-Fi password. With Wiffinity, it’s so much easier!

For iOS and Android.


  1. Triposo – Your Smart Travel Guide


Triposo is a smart travel guide app that you must try! It will give you tailored recommendations about hotels, sights, restaurants and activities! You can even do the booking through the app and you’ll be pleased to know that the app also works offline. So, if you’re even in a city and you feel overwhelmed by all the options, open Triposo and let it guide you!

For iOS and Android.


1. Google Translate



Google Translate has been around for what seems like forever, but it was only last year that the live translation feature was introduced; and the live translation is what makes the Google Translate app spectacularly useful. Simply point your phone’s camera to a sign or piece of writing in a foreign language, and Google will translate it in real time. You just can’t make this stuff up!

For iOS and Android.


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